The Moment a political future as Prime Minister died (no, Not Abbott running away)

This 1993 interview, back when 630 shows meant something, was what killed Dr John Hewson’s chance of winning government and becoming PM.

This incident is so pivotal in Australian politics that it even has its own wikipedia entry Birthday cake interview.

Watch it, and weep for the current state of Australian media that there is No One that has the courage to ask a similar question to anyone in Opposition.

The question that killed Hewson’s dreams should have been simple:
Mike Willesee: “If I buy a birthday cake from a cake shop and GST is in place do I pay more or less for that birthday cake?”
but his inability to answer it simply was a set back that the LNP campaign could never recover from.


2 Comments to “The Moment a political future as Prime Minister died (no, Not Abbott running away)”

  1. Abbott’s seizure when confronted with a mild question from Mark Riley was, IMO, more spectacular than Hewson’s fumbling for an answer. In previous times, or to any other party leader, a slip-up of that magnitude would have been politically fatal.

    That Abbott was able to survive this relatively unscathed says all that needs saying about the pro-Liberal bias and agenda of the Australian “media”.

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