Animal welfare is right, and it’s good business too: Craig Emerson

Craig Emerson, Federal Member for Rankin and Minister for Trade and Competitiveness had a piece in The Australian “Animal welfare is right, and it’s good business too” (June 02, 2012), here is an extract from that article:

Be kind to animals. Ethically it’s right and in any event it’s good business. Young people are at the vanguard of a silent revolution: they are insisting on eating only meat from animals treated humanely during and at the end of their lives.

An animal rights movement is being prosecuted by today’s young people before our unknowing eyes, without rallies and street protests, but in a global conversation across social media.

For the full article, here is the link,, try putting the link in a Google or…

*Disclaimer, animal activists might say, “animal welfare cares about the size of the cage, animal rights is the fight for every cage to be empty”, meanwhile, Dr Emerson uses phrases like animal welfare, animal rights and animal liberation as if they are interchangeable, they mean different things, but I applaud him for tackling an issue that for too long has been seen as fringe. It is good that there are now politicians, besides the Greens talking about these things. Some people may not see eating organic meat as all that revolutionary, vegans may also disagree. The revolutionary aspect perhaps is that people are now discussing these issues in a major newspaper.


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