Liberal Party – is ignorance a pre-selection requirement? God Save The Liberal Party

Alex Hawke, LNP Member for Mitchell, of the hard right faction, tweeted this

God Save the Queen: the anthem sung in Australia for 170 years. But not good enough for Julia Gillard to sing. Unacceptable in a PM ‪#auspol‬

Since the Queen of ENGLAND isn’t actually in Australia, and I suspect busy with other things (her Blood-Diamond Jubilee), the idea of PM Gillard singing God Save The Queen is ridiculous.

That fountain of all knowledge, Wikipedia says:

In Australia, the song has standing through a Royal Proclamation issued by Governor-General Sir Ninian Stephen on 19 April 1984. It was declared the Royal Anthem and is to be played when the Monarch or a member of the Royal Family is present. The same Proclamation made “Advance Australia Fair” the National Anthem and the basis for the Vice-Regal Salute (the first four and last two bars of the Anthem).

So there is no reason for PM Julia Gillard to be singing God Save The Queen, officially or otherwise.

What was the purpose of this tweet, to highlight Ms Gillard’s atheism? Her being born in Wales (uh, so what, Tony Abbott was born in England and came to Australia as a boat person)? Or is the LNP still adjusting to the idea that ‘Advance Australia Fair’ become the official national anthem in 1984, under a Hawke Labor government?


3 Comments to “Liberal Party – is ignorance a pre-selection requirement? God Save The Liberal Party”

  1. You’ve put your finger on it in the last paragraph, I think. Conservatives are a bit slow in adjusting to changing circumstances.

    Often they just dig their heels in and say, in effect, I’m not changing, and I won’t allow you to change either. We are seeing that at right now with Australia joining the rest of the world in moving to low-carbon emissions economic production. Here many conservatives deny there’s even a problem with high carbon output in the first place, and screech like noisy hell about a relatively innocuous legislation (the so-called “carbon tax”) designed to efficiently move Australia in the same direction as other countries. If it were up to that type of luddite, mankind would never have progressed beyond the Age of Fire and living in caves.

    Just recently on another blog a right-winger was referring to the ABC as the Australian Broadcasting COMMISSION, even though it was “corporatised” in 1983. Another initiative of the Hawke Labor government that some conservatives still haven’t come to grips with decades later. Lol.

  2. See! I told you politicians couldn’t read and tweeting is about the limit of their capability to string a series of words together. The politician’s mantra should be: ‘We’ve got all the words, now we just need to get them in the right order!’ Sorry Mr Python!

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