The majority of Federal Cabinet now supports marriage equality – possibly

In response to a letter from a constituent, Greg Combet (MP for Charlton, NSW) wrote “In line with my own values, as someone who has always fought for equality, social justice and fairness, I support marriage equality.” Combet is the most recent to come out in support.

Which shows that sometimes letters to your local MP can work. So, if anyone is in an electorate with any of the NO politicians, drop them a line, ask them if they have a position on marriage equality, which is supported by over 60% of the Australian voting public. Who knows, that might just be enough to get them to state a position publicly.

So for those keeping account
this table was complied using statements printed in the media, if their position has changed, and anyone has more recent information, please let me know so the table can be updated

Minister support of marriage equality
PM Julia Gillard No
DPM Wayne Swan No (source)
Bob Carr no(ish) (source)
Chris Evans yes (source)
Simon Crean yes (source)
Stephen Smith yes (source)
Tanya Plibersek yes (source)
Jenny Macklin yes (source)
Anthony Albanese   yes (source)
Stephen Conroy no (source)
Kim Carr no (source)
Penny Wong yes (source)
Peter Garrett yes (source)
Nicola Roxon yes (source)
Joe Ludwig maybe (source)
Tony Burke no (source)
Martin Ferguson no (source)
Chris Bowen no (source)
Craig Emerson NO (source)
Mark Butler yes (source)
Greg Combet yes (source)

2 Comments to “The majority of Federal Cabinet now supports marriage equality – possibly”

  1. A lot of research has gone into that, and the product, a useful, convenient scorecard. Thanks for that.

    • hopefully it wont be long before it can be reposted with another “yes”, then another and another, til the last people in the country that oppose marriage equality are Julia Gillard and the ACL

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