Murdoch to English translation of their article: Tony Abbott says carbon tax like ‘python squeeze rather than cobra strike’

This story from the Murdoch press Tony Abbott says carbon tax like ‘python squeeze rather than cobra strike’, from 4 June, needs a translation our of Murdoch-ese and into Human-speak.

Do we even have any expectations from a Murdoch paper?

The url address lists has this story listed under news, generous at best. It is not news, it is propaganda. If there was some questioning or examination of Tony’s statement, or bringing in other side for balance or to compare and contrast, that would be news.

Tony Abbott says carbon tax like ‘python squeeze rather than cobra strike
Let’s start with the headline: “Tony Abbott says” disease is so ubiquitous that it now extends into actual headlines. Don’t they have anyone on staff who can think, who can examine an issue and explain it? or, Bring a deeper understanding of background issues to explain why Tony Says Things? Apparently not, Tony just has to Say Things and it gets reported as if it was gospel truth.

carbon tax
The headline also calls it a carbon tax. For months now, people on the left have been fighting the perception that carbon pricing a tax. Taxes are scary, evil things, while a pricing, puts a value on our environment and polluters have to pay if they want to destroy it. So here we have the scary TAX word in the headline, but it is only used one more time in the article. Meanwhile ‘carbon pricing’ is used 6times. Is the message really getting through to the media, or is the media themselves creating some distance between them and Tony Abbott’s Great Big New Slogan.

The Minister for Climate Change, Greg Combet still calls it a “tax”, sorry ALP, but you need to lift your game, if even the Telegraph is doing your job of selling Carbon Pricing for you.

like ‘python squeeze rather than cobra strike’
The backtracking has begun, after telling us for months that on 1 July the sky will fall, Whyalla will be wiped off the map, Tony has had a rethink, or at least someone told him a new slogan. Rather than National Carbon Pollution Price Day bring Taxaggedon, Carbonclysmic, Apocarbonlypse Now, it will be a gentle slide into the End Of The World As We Know It.

Ease the Squeeze was also Mark Latham’s slogan that he took to the 2004 election, which the ALP lost to the Howard’s LNP. So, Abbott is now recycling symbolism from the man now wants to destroy the ALP because he couldn’t get elected? Talk about going backwards, Abbott is yesterdays man.

TONY Abbott has changed his attack on carbon pricing from warning of instant doom on July 1 to forecasting a long, slow strangulation of industry.
This is how Tony Abbott will get away with explaining why the sky didn’t fall in. By saying effects won’t be instant, he can extend his political life by a few more weeks, and in the meantime, do all he can to bring on a by-election. Tony is counting on the belief that he can outlive the lack of fury over carbon pricing, and outlive the government.

This is like the last gasp of the monster as it is going down. It thrashes about, making lots of noise, sound and fury in an attempt to prove he is still relevant and will take anyone down with him that he can grab hold off.

For the rest of the article, if anyone care what Murdoch is printing it’s here: Tony Abbott says carbon tax like ‘python squeeze rather than cobra strike’

One Comment to “Murdoch to English translation of their article: Tony Abbott says carbon tax like ‘python squeeze rather than cobra strike’”

  1. His preoccupation with snakes says more about him than about the so-called “carbon tax”.

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