News Limited scrubbing their website of Craig Thomson stories?

This page is gone. It was called Prostitute Denies Sleeping With Craig Thomson.

Meanwhile, over at Fairfax, they not only make the Craig Thomson story their top story, even going as far as saying the woman at the centre of the scandal is “unsure”, there is “doubt” when she went on television and said she didn’t do what she is supposed to have done. ‘Prostitute’s MP doubt… A prostitute reportedly offered money by the Nine Network “unsure” she slept with MP Craig Thomson’.

Not only did they raise the scandal to their top story, but they buried the stunningly good economic news that came out yesterday, that only reinforces Wayne ‘Triple A’ Swan’s handling of our economy, to the end of the column, and portrays it negatively ‘More rate joy fades as economy revs up

More rate joy fades? How much lower can they go? They’ll be into negative territory soon, and the LNP and their cheerleaders in the media would still whine they are too high.

A drug deal in Sydney is more important than the entire nation’s economy? At least they had it above the myth of 8 glasses of water a day.

Really, this is the state of Australian media, we have the best economy in the developed world and a non-existent sex scandal is more important. Trivialities. Our values are very badly wrong if we don’t see a problem with this.


3 Comments to “News Limited scrubbing their website of Craig Thomson stories?”

  1. That’s just about what I expect from News, in fact most surprised that they actually had any reportage on the Thomson saga at all. Removing it because it doesn’t fit their pro Coalition spin doesn’t surprise me.
    Agree with you that Australian media has really descended to the bottom of the cesspool, both in sensationalism and poor quality reportage.
    It’s become pretty pathetic when you move from your own national papers (only look at SMH now, and ABC) and follow overseas papers such as The Global Mail, The Straits Times and the China Daily just to get a half-decent coverage of the news. I stopped reading The Australian months ago because of its bias and trash journalism.

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