PM Julia Gillard tells big mouth miners, they’re not more important than childcare workers

In an interview with a Murdoch sunday paper, PM Julia Gillard was quoted as saying:

It rankles me when anyone thinks that they get a disproportionate go or a disproportionate say and so the great thing about our system is that the childcare workers that I’ve met today, their vote matters as much as Gina Rinehart’s or Clive Palmer’s…

I think it’s fantastic that people work hard and make money and do well – that’s a good thing – but when their nation calls upon them to do things like pay their fair share of tax I don’t think that should get a pushback reaction.

When people think they can push around the national decision-making to suit them, that also I think is fairly offensive.

Source: I’ll make the loudmouth miners pay: Julia Gillard’s warning to Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart

Meanwhile, Australia’s second richest person, the South African mining billionaire Ivan Glasenberg has placed the blame squarely on PM Gillard for making it harder for him to make more money. Carbon pollution pricing and minerals resources rent tax, have made Australia less attractive to invest in than the Congo.

However, if you were a woman, you would be much safer in Australia, than Congo, which has the highest incidences of sexual assault in the world. But that is all okay, because Ivan Glasenberg can make more millions from Congos natural resources, a little thing like human rights or environmental protection should not stand his way.


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