It’s Time For Tony Abbott to listen to Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan: good night all round for JG – reportedly status quo newspoll and survived Q&A. Now for TA to front please.

Michelle Grattan, ardent fan of Tony Abbott, was talking about the Prime Minister J Gillard, appearing as a special guest on ‘Q and A’ where the PM was peppered with questioned about how she needs to show more love to the mining magnates, and a variety of “where’s my hand-out?” and even an insinuation that she would stab Tony Jones in the back with knitting needles.

Those polling numbers Grattan refers to are the latest Newspoll, which is more than just “status quo”, preferred PM: Gillard 42(+2) Abbott 38(+1).

Grattan ends her tweet with a request for Tony Abbott (TA) to front a live audience for a Q and A.

It would never happen, he wouldn’t appear anywhere that can’t be edited and scripted, but when M Grattan is suggesting it happen, it is time for Tony to listen.


4 Comments to “It’s Time For Tony Abbott to listen to Michelle Grattan”

  1. Pullease! Let’s not have Phoney Tony appear anywhere! Least of all on Tony Jones’ ego trip. Jones needs to take a few lessons from Jenny Brocky on SBS’s Insight. Now Phoney Tony on Insight would be worth a watch!

    • true, but Abbott would be in melt down, no matter how easy the questions, his lack of ability to memorise his lines, would be there for all the world to see, he might even come out with some really hateful comments.

  2. I can just imagine the genius on their QandA.

    Tony Jones: So tell us, Mr Abbott, why your Direct Action Plan is preferable to Labor’s carbon tax.

    Tony Abbott: Well, ah, look, it just is.

    Jones: Good answer. Now, explain to us how your paid parental leave scheme is better than Labor’s.

    Abbott: Well, uh, it just is.

    Jones: Another fine answer, sir. And finally, on policy, what’s so wrong with the government’s mining tax.

    Abbott: Well, um, look, it just is.

    …And so on.

    • But it is okay to lie to the ABC (or maybe Tony just meant, its okay to lie to Kerry OBrien) so even if he says, well, anything, it wasn’t the gospel truth, written down in blood, rolled gold.

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