Tony Abbott, let’s talk about the class war you are waging on the Poor

One article in the Murdoch press less than a year ago, and a piece from Fairfax this past week, show the true colours of Tony Abbott as he wages class warfare against the poor and disadvantaged. Class warfare is not, as the LNP would want you to believe – asking the mega-wealthy to pay some tax, this is what class warfare is.

Keep kids in school, just the right ones – Tony Abbott
Malcolm Farr From: November 28, 2011

This article included quotes from Tony Abbott on Sydney radio, 2UE

ONLY “the right kids” should be encouraged to finish high school while other 16-year-olds should leave at year 10 to take up apprenticeships, Tony Abbott said today…

“The other point I want to make is that it’s all very well keeping kids at school past year 10 but they’ve got to be the right kids being kept at school past year 10 … A lot of kids would probably be better off in the long run leaving school at year 10 … And I guess I’d want to carefully study this and make sure that the right kids are getting the money and that we really were keeping the right kids at school because if you’ve got the wrong kids at school it can end up like a glorified occupational therapy basically.”

The obsession with the “right” kinds of people, and who gets the money, show what really drives Abbott. Anyone from a disadvantaged background or a lower-socio-economic area, are the “wrong” kinds of people, and don’t deserve the same chances.

Education for the rich, keep the poor down and under-educated and struggling in menial jobs.

Then there is this piece
Abbott’s welfare tilt on parental leave
Judith Ireland for Fairfax June 8, 2012

Opposition leader Tony Abbott says that the only families that can have more children without losing money are those on welfare…
“At present, the only families that can have more children without damaging their financial position are those on welfare… It’s one of the reasons why the birth rate tends to be higher among people of lower socio-economic status.”

Does Tony Abbott really see having children as a money-making exercise for poorer families? Is this his idea of a family – a glorified meal ticket.

What is he really saying: the “right” kinds of people aren’t breeding, too many of the “wrong” kinds are having too many children, because when you’re on welfare they’re ‘cheaper by the dozen’, and so rich people need to be encourage to have more children by paying them more.

Welcome to the world, baby darling, by the way, we only had you for the government handout? – no one says that.

Not only does Tony want to stop the boats, he now wants to also stop the poor from breeding too much.


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