The Liberals have the baseball bats ready

In a continuation of ABC’s Lateline guest-tweeter feature, last night (Wednesday) the special guest was a Liberal politician, Pru Goward, which provided a welcome change from liberal bloggers and liberal journalists.

For those unfamiliar with Goward, she is NSW State Member for Goulburn, Minister for Family and Community Services and Minister for Women.

Alp has bribed peo with compensation in xchange for minority agenda. Peo aren’t fooled. Baseball bats at ready. ‪#latelilne‬ {sic}

Yes, from the party that brought you the “baby bonus”, Ansett levy, John Howard’s brother Peter Howard’s levy, public funding of private schools, someone is actually whining about paying compensation for poor people. If there was a race for who could deliver the most middle class “welfare” and handouts, they would be masters.

Although, what the LNP intend to do with those baseball bats, who knows?

It was not that long ago that Tony Abbott wanted to take a baseball bat to former QLD premier Anna Bligh.

Quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald in a piece about the carbon package (tax), Abbott sought to link Gillard to this weekend’s Queensland election Their baseball bats aren’t there for Anna Bligh, they’re there for this Prime Minister, Abbott cried.’
Source: Tony ‘Soprano’ Abbott, taking a baseball bat to the Prime Minister

Sigh, enough from the head-kickers in Federal Politics, now the government is facing the same violent-theme imagery from Liberals in state parliament. What kind of message does this send to the women of Australia, to the children, well, to anyone. If the Liberal Party doesn’t like something, the answer is violence, threats of violence or allusions of violence.

If Tony Abbott was a better negotiator, he could have formed government, but the independents, Windsor, Oakeshott, Katter, Bandt and Wilkie were too smart to fall for Tony’s lies. He lost, get over it.


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