The Liberal Party – how long before they’re seeing UFOs

The Liberal party haven’t always been anti-science, More Boats = More Votes, tax the poor, Hillsong zealots, who believe in the mantra “if you can’t dig it up or chop it down, then shoot it”.

An article from as recent as November 2009 shows that there was one unnamed source who still has some rational thought.

Senator Minchin told last night’s Four Corners program on climate change, Malcolm and the Malcontents, that a majority of the party does not back Mr Turnbull’s acceptance of the science behind climate change.

One Liberal frontbencher told The Australian that Senator Minchin came across as a “complete fruit loop”.

“Border control is going along a treat and they come out behaving like total f…wits. They don’t know how crazy they look, because crazy people never do,” the Liberal said.

Source: Minchin faces Liberals backlash over climate change

The idea pushed by senior Liberals that climate change is a left-wing conspiracy, amused the then Finance Minister, Lindsay Tanner (now he is Former Labor Member for Melbourne).

Leading figures in the Liberal Party are starting to talk a bit like members of those nutty militias in the United States who go on about one world government and global conspiracies… Pretty soon they’ll be talking about UFOs or something, it’s really just off the planet some of this stuff.
Source: Climate denial ‘fruit loop’ label opens Liberal rift

Although Christopher Pyne did deny he was the responsible to the “fruit loop” comment, he did say “I believe that the overwhelming view amongst my colleagues, and my view, is that human beings are adding to climate change. That is where the weight of evidence applies and that is why we believe in action on climate change”
Source: Climate denial ‘fruit loop’ label opens Liberal rift

. My how times have changed.

One Comment to “The Liberal Party – how long before they’re seeing UFOs”

  1. Will that be a ‘Great Big New UFO!’? And will Phoney Tony tell us that he will “Turn Back The UFO’s!’?

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