Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott: too good for the current parliament

The former-National Independents were always going to be a thorn for Tony Abbott following the 2010 election. A hung parliament meant that Mr Abbott or PM Gillard would have to negotiate with the Independents. Tony Abbott couldn’t close the deal. Not even Bob Katter wanted him.

Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott chose to back the ALP-Greens coalition, and the ALP formed Government.

Mr Windsor recalls feeling alarm and pity when Mr Abbott revealed the depth of his personal desire to become prime minister. I remember him saying: ‘Tony, I would do anything for this job. The only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse, but I’d have to give serious thought to it,’ he said.

Windsor and Oakeshott in particular stood between Abbott and the Prime Ministership, which he felt he was entitled to.

So, it came as no surprise that during Tuesday’s #askTony session on twitter, Abbott tweeted:

People are yearning for change but there are two indeps who’d rather stay “relevant” than listen to their electorates #asktony

The fact that Abbott has to keep reminding people how irrelevant the Independents are, means that they must be delivering.

Rob Oakeshott himself commented on the this myth of relevance that the Liberal and National parties are trying to conjure up:

Oakeshott tweeted: ON SkyNews,Nat. Party chooses backdrop of $110mill.PMQ hospital upgrade to say I’m not delivering.Sums up the politics-Results vs Insults!

The Independents are delivering for their electorates, which is what every voter deserves. The Independents are ensuring a fair and stable democracy, without resorting to any dirty tricks. The Independents are depriving Tony of Christmas drinks at the Lodge.

Now comes the news that the Nationals have conscripted State Independent MP Richard Torbay for pre-selection to stand against Tony Windsor in the seat of New England (NSW).

While it is possible that Dick may be hard to beat, Tony Windsor has a lot of support in his electorate and around the country.

What does the future hold for Windsor? He says: “I am not making any public comment and am focussed on the opportunities that exist in the current parliament”.

Tony Windsor, left, Rob Oakeshott, right

If the Slipper media beat up fails, and the Thomson media beat up fails, expect the full weight of the Liberal Nationals to be brought on unseating the Independents.


4 Comments to “Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott: too good for the current parliament”

  1. Rob Oakeshott is the most effective local member this electorate has ever had. And that includes a former dep pm

  2. The expectation was that Phoney Tony and his NO Coalition would be well and truly the government by now. That was certainly the plan. Unfortunately the plan has not reached fruition before the Carbon Levy comes into being, Additionally the EU appears to “finally” be starting to get its act together and we may see growth again up until the 2013 election.
    I suspect that the ‘unseat the independents’ plan is not Phoney’s, but a few more astute individuals within the NO Coalition who, like you suggest, a preparing for Phoney’s ‘Grand Plan’ coming unstuck.

    • If the Indies really were irrelevant, the LNP would ignore them, they would have no reason to give them a second thought. That they are putting any effort into unseating them, shows their true feelings. Every stunt the Liberals – and nationals – have tried has failed. So the LNP will try harder to get the ALP out of Govt.
      Always with the LNP, they say one thing and do another, people only remember the message and not the reality.
      -99 for Turn Left

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