ALP and Unions are saying Bring It On

PM Julia Gillard
let me say to the Leader of the Opposition… I will stand up and fight

Kevin Rudd
we have… to prevent Mr Abbott from inflicting on Australia the ravages of the most extreme right-wing government the country will have ever seen.

AWU National Secretary Paul Howes
The time to fight back is now.

Anthony Albanese
I like fighting Tories… that’s what I do.

Bill Shorten
@TonyAbbottMHR you and me, debating IR, anytime, anywhere

Mike Kelly, MP for Eden-Monaro
The biggest risk to this economy is Tony Abbott, the doom sayer.

Steve Gibbons, MP for Bendigo
Remember wages & conditions will always be lower under a Coalition Government.

Craig Thomson
Leader of the Opposition, that man, not only is he unfit to be a prime minister, in my view he is unfit to be an MP

Craig Emerson, MP for Rankin
I’m fighting so hard to stop an Abbott Government ever forming. We will stand and fight!

PM Julia Gillard
[media] I’d say to you: don’t write crap. It can’t be that hard.

Jim Cairns, DPM, 1975
It is far better to be defeated while attempting to implement Labor policies than to be defeated after surrendering them. I do not believe we can win by surrendering these or, if by any chance we did win, that winning would be worthwhile.

Doug Cameron, NSW Senator
We can’t pander to our opponents’ base and expect our own base to stay intact. We may well hold Lindsay, but Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister.

The future is in our hands.


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