Media Concentration just got a little more concentrated

Fairfax planning to slash 1990 jobs

Gina Rinehart, the world’s richest woman, ups her ownership stake to 18.6 %

Fairfax to erect paywalls around its two largest newspapers online sites

I guess we can all get active to protest that, make our voices here – I don’t know, we could tweet our outrage to each other and tweet politicians and click like on a facebook group, that should work.

The time to act is now, it may not achieve anything, but if we wait, it WILL be too late.

Here, I lay out six easy steps that can do something towards making our voices heard.
You say you’re not happy with media in this country – then WE can do something

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Adam Bandt: If ‪#Fairfax‬ cuts that many jobs, I’m worried for the future of independent, well-resourced journalism in Aust.
Joel Fitzgibbon: @AdamBandt ‪#Fairfax‬, the more market dominance, the more we should be concerned about self-regulation!

Adam Bandt is Greens member for Division of Melbourne, Vic.

Joel Fitzgibbon is ALP member for Division of Hunter, NSW.

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