Liberal National Parties – they just love seeing things behind bars, even chickens

“I’m perfectly comfortable with purchasing cage eggs.” NSW Agriculture Minister Katrina Hodgkinson (Nat).

From a government who said that logging was good for koalas and has recently allowed shooting in national parks, they have no problem with causing suffering and unnecessary death.

Treating animals humanely is not just a prerogative of the extreme left or the Greens, it is, as Craig Emerson said “Animal welfare is right, and it’s good business too”.

So when it comes to labelling eggs that come from chickens stuffed in a little cage but passed off onto consumers as “free range” it is time for consumers to start demanding what they are paying for.

Large producers are justifying higher prices for free-range, yet the product isn’t what consumers would expect.

An initiative by the NSW Greens needs all the support it can get, to end the dodgy labelling with the “Greens Truth in Labelling Bill law”.

NSW Greens MP, John Kaye has come up with an action plan for people in that state, to make sure that free-range means free-range, not just, saw a sky once or twice.

Take action: Free-range should mean free-range!

To find out more, visit John Kaye’s website, which explains more about what they are fighting for and why it is important to everyone. Here – Take action: Free-range should mean free-range!

Lobby your local MP
“The NSW Government needs to hear from all ethical consumers that they want their rights to buy genuine free-range eggs protected.” source
To find your local member, NSW Parliament = click here

Get An Action Kit
“If you are a resident of NSW and would like to order an action kit complete with the above materials including fact sheet, Q and A, petitions, a guide to lobbying your local MP plus stickers and postcards contact [John Kaye’s] office on


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