Have we stopped Dreaming? Neil deGrasse Tyson (video)

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a US American astrophysicist, in this video he talks about the importance of reaching for the stars, dreaming and exploring.


2 Comments to “Have we stopped Dreaming? Neil deGrasse Tyson (video)”

  1. A thought-provoking video. Thanks for posting.

    In these times of rampant conservatism in the US and much of the western world, just imagine a President standing up, as John F Kennedy did during the Cold War, and proposing such a bold goal.

    Conservatives: “It’ll never work!” “Cut my taxes!” “Me, me, me!”

    The Future. It’s an alien and disturbing concept to those who whose view is restricted to pining for some false mythical golden age of the past, and on how they can claw their way over the backs of their fellow man in the here and now.

    I glimpsed Carl Sagan in the video. Another man well ahead of his time, progressive and arguing for a better future. As far back as the 1980s he was warning of the dangers of greenhouse gases and global warming.


    Which brings us to Australia more than a decade into the 21st century. The Labor government has legislated an cost-effective means of reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, with the eye on the longer-term imperative of a sustainable atmosphere for coming generations. A modest, if effective, measure in the overall scheme of things. And for her quite considerable trouble PM Julia Gillard has been confronted from the other side of politics by Liberal radio hate-talkers saying she should be put in a chaff bag and dumped in the deepest ocean.

    So resistant to change that they would say something like that!

    Labor is building a world-class national broadband network to bring Australia up to speed with competing countries.. and the Noalition have sworn to DEMOLISH it. “It’s a waste of money.” “It’ll never work.” “Cut my taxes.”

    They don’t want progress, they want stagnation or even to turn the clock backwards!!

    For a country that’s moving into the future, whether they like it or not, the reactionary mindset is part of the problem, not the solution.

    You can’t avoid the future, you can’t go back to the past. Stagnation takes you to nowhere that is healthy.

    Sometimes I imagine a cartoon set in the early days of humanity/pro-humanity. Ug, the caveman, has just made a momentous discovery. He’s learned that it’s more comfortable, and he can use his hands to carry tools and things, if he lifts his knuckles off the ground and walks about upright, with straight back.

    His conservative cave-mate, Dur, says, in horror, “Everyone’s looking at you, Ug! Put your knuckles back on the ground and walk like the rest of us!”

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