Doug Cameron speaks about climate change

Debate relating to general business notice of motion no.800 – Carbon pricing: Doug Cameron, NSW Senator and convenor of the Left had a lot to say about the LNPs attitude of Climate Change, here are some of the highlights Speaking about 530 on 21 June

“When people have a look at the Hansard in years to come and they do an analysis of Australia’s response to this terrible, terrible problem of carbon pollution in the atmosphere, they can look at those three contributions and say: ‘What a bunch of knuckle draggers the coalition were.’ ” Doug Cameron

“the current Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, who then described himself as the weathervane for the coalition—one minute a climate change denier, the next minute saying something had to be done on climate change. Whatever the Australian or the Murdoch press were saying about climate change, that is where you would find Tony Abbott.” Doug Cameron

“the coalition who refuse to accept that climate change is real and that it has to be dealt with” Doug Cameron

“But the extremists are in control in the coalition … I get pretty angry, I must say, when I hear the knuckle-dragging speeches from the coalition claiming that this is about economics when it is about the future of the planet.” Doug Cameron

“The coalition are controlled by the extremists. The Lord Monckton cheer squad and knuckle draggers over in the coalition are in absolute control. They just refuse to accept the science.” Doug Cameron

“Lord Monckton talks about the communists having control of this debate. …He calls young demonstrators against his climate change scepticism ‘the Hitler Youth marching in and breaking up meetings’. These are the types of people the Leader of the Opposition sits down with and tries to treat credibly.” Doug Cameron

“I do not know what the opposition think about NASA. I do not think NASA is inhabited by communists. I do not think NASA is inhabited by the Socialist Left in America. I do not think NASA can be seen to be some loony left-wing group. But NASA says that the climate has changed.” Doug Cameron

“we need to deal with climate change now” Doug Cameron

Here is an Old video of Cameron speaking about Climate Change:


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