Leave the Pets Alone, Bronwyn Bishop

Bronywn Bishop, MP for Mackellar, NSW, wearing an ugly corpse around her neck standing up in Question Time, HOR 21 June 2012.

Anthony Albanese, MP for Grayndler, NSW called out “Leave The Pets Alone

Cruella Deville


7 Comments to “Leave the Pets Alone, Bronwyn Bishop”

  1. I still remember Paul Keating’s description of Bishop in Parliament years ago when he called her, ” old acid drop herself”. Priceless and a very accurate description of her .

  2. In the 1980s, as the Liberals played pass-the-hot-potato with the leadership, Bronwyn Bishop was talked about in some circles as a possible future Liberal leader. Some 30-odd years ago! An anachronism, just like the wearing of the fur of slaughtered small animals.

    • saw Kristina Keneally, (former NSW premier, on fire today talking about hunting in national parks, she was brilliant) tweet yesterday the Minister for Enviro wearing fur … the same minister who said logging was good for koalas

  3. Poor Bronny — forever an anachronism. As is her fur collar. I think we gave up the wearing of animal skins when we discovered fire and figured out how to weave! Nevertheless this is a lovely photo and I’m impressed by Bronwyn (who never thought much about anything) juxtaposed by Whiney Pyne and Plaigiarism Bishop who’ve never really thought much at all really! God! What horrible sin have we done to deserve such representation?

  4. Reblogged this on SUSAN'S SPACE and commented:
    Bishop should at least be fined for having bad taste.

  5. Albanese has a sense of jumour…..shouldn’t Bishop get a fine – at least for bad taste!

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