How do ABC employees feel about their boss?

Annabel Crabb: Check out @abcmarkscott responding to The Australian, and confirming his status as Aust’s classiest media exec:


For many viewers, Mark Scott, (who is a former NSW Greiner Liberal Party Government as chief of staff to the Education Minister, Virginia Chadwick and former senior adviser to education minister, Terry Metherell) has presided over one of the most dramatic shifts on editorial policy this country has ever witnessed.

Under Scott’s leadership ABC went from a trusted news organisation that was balanced, fair and impartial, to a Liberal-National Party PR machine.

This is the opinion of Annabel Crabb, described in wikipedia as “ABC’s chief online political writer”. Yep, agree, turning the ABC into the media arm of the conservative political parties – classy.


One Comment to “How do ABC employees feel about their boss?”

  1. To get a sample of some of the intense criticisms that are being made, day in, day out, of the “new” ABC, use this hashtag in Twitter:


    Check the tweets going Mark Scott’s way with:


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