Are LNP members breaking ranks against Tony Abbott’s deadly boat refugee policy?

Tony Abbott was a boat person – born overseas (London, England) and as a child got on a boat (SS Oronsay) and came to Australia (in 1961). That is the facts. Now he says he wants to “stop the boats”.

“Stop The Boats” – seems to be just about the only policy that Tony Abbott has, or at least short enough for him to remember.

The reality is, Tony Abbott and the Drama Queens who sit behind him, don’t really want to ‘stop the boats’, because for them, More Boats = More Votes.

Tony Abbott just shrugs at the deaths that occur when boats sink, for him it’s small price to pay for him to be Prime Minister, then he gets on television saying “now is not the time for cheap political point scoring” and then tries to score cheap political points.

But it is not smooth sailing for Tony Abbott and his hate machine.

Former Liberal Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, in an editorial for Fairfax, called Tony Abbott’s boat refugee policy “the closest thing to evil you can get”.

In 2010-11, 4730 asylum seekers arrived by boat. During the same period, more than 13 million people crossed our borders and arrived in Australia; 4730 out of 13.9 million is not a ”system vulnerable to abuse”. Instead of restoring ”integrity and public confidence”, the Coalition’s policy is detrimental to people seeking asylum, breaches our obligations under the Refugee Convention and appears to work from the position of the assumption of guilt.
The most effective way to restore integrity and public confidence in asylum seeker policy is through strong leadership, myth busting and accurate information. Not to present a policy that is the closest thing to evil you can get. A policy that is full of misinformation.
To read the full article: Abbott’s evil policy work

But it is not just former Liberals who are starting to get brave enough to speak out. Mal Washer also had a few things to say. Mal Washer, was the only LNP member who expressed any sort of concern when Tony Abbott was in full-attack mode against Craig Thomson.

Washer said “I think Tony Abbott is a humane guy… Tony has got a heart of gold, and so has (immigration spokesman) Scott Morrison” but he wasn’t prepared to cross the floor on the issue of the Malaysian Solution, as he didn’t want to “vote against one idiot over another in a dumb and dumber competition”.

Russell Broadbent, a moderate, is another voice speaking out. Broadbent has said he is torn on the issue and “I am considering the whole of this issue at the moment and I will have something further to say on Monday,” he said.
Source: Liberal MP Mal Washer calls on Tony Abbott to consider Malaysia for offshore refugee processing

Broadbent was part of the “Gang of Four” who stood up to John Howard. So called because in the entire Liberal Nationals, only four had a conscience. Others included Petro Georgiou, Judy Moylan, Judith Troeth, Bruce Baird depending on this issue.

Missing is Malcolm Turnbull, who people on the Left see as a centrist, Ruddock and his Amnesty International Badge, Julie Bishop, Joe Hockey, and other senior Liberals.

Samanatha Maiden, News Limited political editor, says “Didn’t make all early editions for space reasons but WA Lib Ken Wyatt also backed in Mal Washer calling for bipartisan approach.”
Source: here

So, are LNP members breaking ranks against Tony Abbott’s deadly boat refugee policy?
Not really, but the rumblings are there, it only takes one or two to speak out publicly, to give courage to the others.

Maybe it’s time we remembered the hidden verse of our national anthem:

For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Australia Fair.

11 Responses to “Are LNP members breaking ranks against Tony Abbott’s deadly boat refugee policy?”

  1. Imensly impressed by the calibre of comments by vigilant people who see passed negative politics and biased media in Aus,I am a human before a patriot,just can’t believe the inane crap from the more fortunate humans who lucked out through chance of birth,the words in our anthem are well put in context,the elite would have us gert(?)by sea full of gunboats.Abbot is a power hungry threat to tolerance(free speach) Humanitarian values don’t get a chance when Dictators choose to decide who and how our global brethren come to make a new and better life.BOATHEADS WILL ALWAYS IGNORE REALITY’ WE AREN’T BEING INVADED,WE CAN HELP MORE,WHO IN TURN HELP US’

  2. Turn left

    So if I went to your house and invited all my friends, theyd(sic) be welcomed because they were invited? Hmm, ok, theyre(sic) your values not mine.

    Oh I get it, you are one of those who think that we should forever pretend that the arrival of the first fleet never made a difference to who has dominion over the wide brown land. Really that is a rather shallow conceit that ignores the truth of all human history, namely that ownership of any territory is entirely predicated upon the ability to exclude all other claimants from controlling it. The indigenous people were unable to exclude the British which resulted in them losing sovereignty, its done and dusted. Get over it.

    And I assume you also oppose plane-people, you know, all those rich people who come in on student or tourist visas then overstay and never go back? or is it just those who arrive by boat you have a problem with?

    Yes I do as it happens, if anyone enters this country and stays without permission they should be made to leave as soon as they are located by the authorities. Why on earth do you think that I would be at all sanguine about anyone who over stays on a student or a tourist visa?

  3. Clearly from my avatar I’m not an indigenous person, but my family came here at the invitation of the Australian government and that is a significant difference to those who just lob here.

    That said you fail to answer the question of how many would you let in.

    Oh and while you ponder that can you tell us what this country’s population should be for the health of the environment?

    Because of you think that this country should not have a population that exceeds its carrying capacity then why should we have unbridled immigration rather than plenty of space for the Aussies that its current people* make in the old fashioned way (by having children)

    * all of them no matter what their ethnicity

    • So if I went to your house and invited all my friends, theyd be welcomed because they were invited? Hmm, ok, theyre your values not mine.

      And I assume you also oppose plane-people, you know, all those rich people who come in on student or tourist visas then overstay and never go back? or is it just those who arrive by boat you have a problem with?

  4. OK you are all about compassion, but that begs the question of just how many people we should be prepared to accept when they front up on our door step seeking our largesse?

  5. I will believe it when it happens.

    Pardon my skepticism, but how often do Liberals put morals above politics?

    In Howard’s time there were a few isolated voices of Liberal dissent about his inhumane policies, but they were weak, unassertive and drowned out by the party groupthink and kowtowing to Leader.

    Nothing’s really changed now. Again, a couple of dissenting voices, but there’s still the groupthink and kowtowing to Leader that defines the Liberals, a “leader” whose mind, such as it is, is frozen.

    I’ll apologise and retract if time and events prove me to have missed the mark here. I really hope I am wrong, but we’ll see.


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