ABC call it “misleading”, others may call it bias and lies, and tweet about Craig Emerson disappears

In a tweet that has since been deleted @ABC_NewsRadio said With Labor still on the nose, we speak to the Trade minister about tax handouts…

The chat with Craig Emerson, Trade Minister that ABC referred to is here – He talks about Tony Abbott’s failure of a policy of towing boats back to sea and so much more

There was an immediate response:

Love the balance

Talk about framing an interview

The ABC tweeter deleted the original tweet and reworded it

text of tweet: Trade minister on ‪#asylumseeker‬ boats, ‪#carbontax‬ handouts, poor ‪#newspoll‬ ratings, and more.. ‪#auspol‬

and responded:
still not convinced tweet summary was misleading – but now changed.

Considering it is not a carbon TAX, it is more than just “misleading”, it is wrong, factually wrong!

The anti-government bias is boring, really boring, it is “on the nose”, who cares about balance or fairness – how about truth and accuracy.


6 Comments to “ABC call it “misleading”, others may call it bias and lies, and tweet about Craig Emerson disappears”

  1. Latika joins the bias push, declaring the Carbon Price payments as ‘cash for your vote’.

  2. Although they deleted the original tweet and then posted an amended version, note they still did not admit being at fault.

    And that’s Their ABC all over. Deny everything, admit nothing.

    Anyone ever heard of a complaint about right-wing bias being upheld by their ABC’s spin department (formally known as Audience and Consumer Affairs)? I’ve never heard of it happening.

    I’ve mailed lots of complaints about bias, myself, and know of many other people who’ve done so. Result every time, words to the effect: We have looked into your complaint. We are in the clear and you are mistaken.

    There was an incident a few weeks ago where Paul Keating wrote a piece for the Drum, criticising Chris Uhlmann’s rudeness to the PM in a so-called interview for ‘7.30’. In the few hours after the posting of Mr Keating’s piece, scores of comments were posted agreeing with him. The proportion of those who agreed to the couple who didn’t was something like 90:10.

    Shortly thereafter, their ABC closed comments, and an ABC response was affixed below Mr Keating’s piece. As ever, the ABC maintained that it (Uhlmann) was completely above reproach, with the implication being that the dozens of people who’d agreed with Keating – the overwhelming majority of people who took the time to respond – were all in the wrong.

    ‘We are right, and we don’t care how many of you complain, you are all wrong.’ That’s their ABC’s law-unto-itself attitude.

    It’s a complete and utter joke. I would be interested to know of another institution or enterprise that routinely gets away with shrugging off all complaints, never admitting to fault.

  3. ABC = Abbott’s Broadcasting Cuunts. The ABC is just a flea ridden hole of Liebaeral sympathisers,write a letter and complain and they always give the stock standard bullshit answer that they really just being fair to all sides. No wonder people with even half a brain are turning off the ABC and going to the internet for unbiased commentary. Thanks again John Howard with not only fucking Australia but also the ABC.

    • balance is just a false-concept about giving everyone a fair go, but some ideas dont deserve a fair go – flat earthers dont deserve balance with people who think the earth is a ball, anti climate change activists dont deserve equal airtime as actual climate scientists

      truth is more important than balance, and they cant give even that, and if they cant give truth, they are giving us propaganda

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