What does a ‘True Australian’ say about women in power, media, refugees and Assange

I did not go looking for this person, self described as “True Australian … not a racist but do believe Australia first every one else second” they started tweeting nonsensical garbage at me, so I thought I bring you some other gems from their feed.

Theres only ONE (1) Female i admire in this country GINA RIENHART (source)

Yep, sweetie, Gina admires you too, oh no, actually, she doesn’t give you a second thought. She makes more money in day than you make in a life time. You’re less than a bug to her.

are sic to the stomach with this refugee saga we give money to Indo they dnt give a dam (source)

it’s not actually up to Indonesia to solve this

This Draonian Commo Gov is. ripping Aust off @the pet pump Oil (source)

Petrol was over $1.60 under the Howard government, prices have actually fallen under the Gillard government… and as for Commo? haha, obviously does not know what a communist actually is

(retweet) StWC Sydney
Heartening to see all the global solidarity 4 #Assange. Putting @JuliaGillard, @bobjcarr, Nicola Roxon et al to shame. (source)

Right-wingers love Julian Assange? the man seeking asylum in Ecuador? Although, if Federal Labor come out fighting for Assange, I suspect more of the right wing support would suddenly vanish

(retweet) InstofPublicAffairs ‏@TheIPA
Abbott: “the greatest threat to press freedom & media freedom in this country is unnecessary Government regulation.” RT if you agree! (source)

Oh yes, we won’t have true freedom of the press when it is all owned by two people, just like Coles and Woolworths have brought down prices through competition… oh, um, that didn’t work either

Only ones who are pushing for gay marriage are THOSE POLI’S WHO ARE GAY OR HAVE KIDS THAT ARE + STUPID GREENS (source)

you just knew there would be homophobia and gay-hate in there somewhere

50 refugee boats arrived : what the ?? cant stop them coming This incomp Gov cant even stop them leaving WHAT A JOKE (source)

you complain when they come, you complain when they go… by the way, I assume this person is Aboriginal, otherwise they or their family were either a boat-person or a plane-person at some point


7 Comments to “What does a ‘True Australian’ say about women in power, media, refugees and Assange”

  1. People like Leslie Kelly leave a lot of questions in my mind. Who are they? What do they read, do they actually believe what they write? What occupations do they have? Can they ever argue a position, have they been to Uni and do they have a family?
    If we are to understand the motivations of these people we need to understand them more.
    In my experience they litter the internet spewing forth their hatred and incoherent messages? But the question for me is why?

  2. Yes these people vote. Perhaps a very good reason why voting should be made non-compulsory!

    Hang on! Then we’d end up even more Americanised wouldn’t we? Instead of a slow steady decline into neo-con “A Country for The Rich” we’d probably end up on the slippery slope!!

    We seem to be in a cleft stick, or there’s a cleft stick stuck somewhere, and it’s rather painful!!

    • Was not advocating these people not being able to vote, but this is the people who are voting, we think people cant be that bad, but there are people who truly think Gina is there new Goddess, and they are mashalling their posse, Meanwhile Lefties sit back and think because they do good, it will be rewarded at the ballot box. No, those who are the loudest often get heard

  3. You can usually pick wingnuts from:

    * Errant use of capital letters, apostrophes, spelling, exclamation marks
    * Unthinking support for a political ideology that is against their own interests
    * The indoctrination and lack of self-awareness

    And, yes, these morons vote…against their own interests, and for the interests of billionaires and cunning manipulators.

  4. Is Leslie Kelly a dedicated Saints supporter or a desicated Saints supporter? One thing that Leslie Kelly is, is that he or maybe a she is a redneck,racist bigot. Australia has become a sad place because of fruit loops like this nuff nuff. And who have have we got to thank for this, none other than John Howard. This little bigotted creep started all this racism and it is being carried on by Abbott,Morrison Bernadi Mirabella etc., all good so called Christian people. Australia should hang its head in shame with despicable things like this in our community. They have not got a clue how a compassionate and caring country should treat refugees.

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