Threats against Rob Oakeshott… doesn’t his presence in Parliament just make the Right-wing crazy

Rob Oakeshott (Ind, for Lyne) has recently come under sustained pressure from the Liberals and Nationals in order to claim the seat for one of their own.

Recently he responded to a tweet about how someone could support him, by explaining how to make donations of money or volunteer any other way, via his website.

(and here is how: visit his website and follow the directions
Oakeshott Independent – Get Involved)

Rob Oakeshott would not compromise with Tony Abbott following the 2010 election, he is a wise, brave, honest politician – and that just totally drives the Right Wing crazy.

Oakeshott’s presence in Parliament enrages the Right Wing to the point that tweet me their threats of Violence against Oakeshott.

Violent language is the default setting for the Right Wing, and one day, someone will get hurt.

text of tweet:
Laurie ‏@Loz62
RT @turnleft2013: Keep Oakey in Parliament @OakeyMP Dopeshot will go and we have the baseball bats ready.


6 Comments to “Threats against Rob Oakeshott… doesn’t his presence in Parliament just make the Right-wing crazy”

  1. Oakshot is finished
    We voted for a voice
    We got a strange man backing the worse government in our history
    He is going to have to leave the area as we want him to leave

  2. All right thinking people out there should let Mr Oakeshott know he has their support. I emailed him yesterday, before I saw this The dingbats only prove how utterly bereft of integrity, courage, decency and morality they are with this stuff.

  3. Note the title, and the lyrics, of this ‘video’ posted on Youtube by BigDon62

    “Grapeshot Or Oakeshott – This Fellow Needs Firing At Least.”

    • oh wow, that is not good
      His presence drives the LNP & their supporters crazy – what Abbott and his Drama Queens did to Slipper and Thomson will look like a picnic compared to what Oakeshott is in for until the Election

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