Northern Territory – a crocodile story on every page of the newspaper even when talking about refugees (image)

During several days of speeches before House Of Representatives and the Senate, including personal stories that produced emotion-like qualities in several Coalition members and Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young to an emotional wreck… somehow the NT News (famous for its crocodile stories on the front page) could still find a crocodile angle.


10 Comments to “Northern Territory – a crocodile story on every page of the newspaper even when talking about refugees (image)”

  1. Ahh Yess! Unt ve can av zecurity camps for zem mit zigns over ze gate vich zay ‘Arbeit maks frei!’, unt crematoria for zose who unfortunately die in ze camp. Zo convenient! Luckily ve don’t ave to worry about ze one’s who drown. Maybe ve could call it ‘ze Final Zolution Policy’! Yah? (Apols for the atrocious attempt at a Germanic language) ;-(

    All this in a country where the second language spoken most frequently in Australian homes is — Mandarin!

    But I see that Phoney Tony has come to the rescue with the NEW slogan ‘hope, reward, opportunity’! Hope: Gee I hope that I can keep my job under the new Jerk Choices. Reward: God I’m lucky that I’m being paid $15 an hour under the NO Coaliion Labour policies. Opportunity: Gee I hope my number comes up in the lottery to see who gets some casual work today!

  2. Seems like most politicians are representing their own personal feelings and beliefs when they should be representing the taxpayers of Australia ..I say put all the bills on the table and let Aussies decide which bill or bills they would pass because we are the ones paying their wage and spending billions on illegal immigrants

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