Carbocalypse In Whyalla and nothing happened – I blame the carbon tax

Wayne Swan, Treasurer, has been making preparations for Carbogeddon:
Up on the roof today to check it’s in good nick in case the sky falls in tomorrow as @TonyAbbottMHR says it will

Rob Mitchell, MP for McEwen, on the East coast, did notice some strange natural occurences:
OMG its dark and cold outside Very quiet Could it be the result of Carbon oh wait its midnight ‪#carbongeddon‬

Mike Kelly, MP for Eden Monaro
I wish everyone all the best tomorrow. Eyes of the world on Whyalla. Can only pray it is quick and relatively painless.

But the one place in Australia that all eyes were on, was Whyalla, South Australia:

These series of screens shots from the Whyalla Webcam, show the minutes leading up to Carbogeddon, and moments after. And nothing happened. Whyalla was not, as Tony Abbott predicted, wiped off the map.

Trades minister, Dr Craig Emerson, who drove into Whyalla moments before Carbogeddon, managed to make a twitter report

text of image: @CraigEmersonMP Ground control! No boom at Whyalla. Have inspected for pieces of sky on streets. All clear. Abbott credibility only casualty ‪#carbongeddon‬


3 Comments to “Carbocalypse In Whyalla and nothing happened – I blame the carbon tax”

  1. You’ll note that on the 23:32 photo there is a bright light in the upper right hand corner of the photo. This has been identified as Righteous NO Coalition indigation! It has faded considerably at 00:16 and is now mainly the afterglow of a lot of hot air!

  2. Ok it is alright for you all to make fun of Tony Abbott and his carbon price predictions but think for just one minute about the funeral directors at Whyalla. Because nothing happened at Whyalla and everyone survived,all their plans for a boom in funerals because of Tony’s predictions means they will all go out of business because in fact nothing happened. Does this mean that Tone has no credibility, that he really is just an unhinged nut job? Is he really a fruit loop? Yes he is. In your guts you know he’s nuts.

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