Now Tony Abbott is on the run from Media who go easy on him – what is he hiding?

Latika Bourke ‏@latikambourke
@TonyAbbottMHR why wouldn’t you answer any of my questions when I tried to doorstop you on the weekend? ‪#askTony‬

Latika Bourke, who is sometimes known as “Libtika” for her many “Tony Abbott says” tweets (though to be fair, I think she does a difficult job and it is impossible to please everyone).

If Tony Abbott refuses to answer questions at his own press conferences, they aren’t press conferences, but televised election ads. And, if he is now running from reporters who have been very fair to him the past, then when can the nation expect him to answer the hard questions?

After the election, it will be too late for questions and answers, we will all just do as we are told.

3 Comments to “Now Tony Abbott is on the run from Media who go easy on him – what is he hiding?”

  1. Get Real! How can Phoney Tony answer questions when he has no idea what the answer is! Hope = God! I hope they don’t ask me any real questions; Reward = the PM’s job is lookin good; Opportunity = Now if I can just get the phrase ‘hope, reward, opportunity’ into this interview I’ll be laughing!

  2. Because Tony Abbott does not have any real policies, no plans, no costing modelling. He is just a fake politician, as I said, after July 1 he will be in hiding as his doomsdays prediction did not happen.

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