Unsure about the difference between Left and Right – Combet is Superman, Mirabella is horrified

Last nights Q and A ABC – (left to right: Simon Sheik from Get Up, Sophie Mirabella, Tony Jones and Greg Combet, Lenore Taylor and Grahame “kick her to death” Morris)

Combet was in the process of explaining about solar panels, and Simon Sheik, passed out. Mirabella (LNP) recoiled in horror, she looked offended that Sheik went down. Meanwhile, Combet (ALP) gets up and goes to him.

Although, it was mentioned by some people that Mirabella pushed Sheik away, I did not see that, it may have happened, I saw her help push him back into sitting position, but most of all she just look shocked… or horrified.

It was live television, the first reaction reveals the true instincts of a person: The difference is the Left cares about people. The right only care if it inconveniences them, unwilling to get involved.

Thank you, Mirabella, for showing Australia clearly how heartless and lacking compassion you are.

Thank you, Combet, for showing everyone, that other people are important to you, that other people matter.

3 Comments to “Unsure about the difference between Left and Right – Combet is Superman, Mirabella is horrified”

  1. The Mirabella story has gone across the world…

    From the Daily Mail in the UK:

    Australian woman MP faces onslaught of criticism after fellow TV panelist collapsed at her side… and she did nothing


  2. Greg Combet is worth innumerable Mirabellas.

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