Brumby’s Bakery ‘raise prices and blame carbon tax’ has now annoyed the Mummy Bloggers – Guest Post Jo Nakashima

Guest Post by Jo Nakashima.

I am boycotting Brumbys, and all associated brands. For a boycott to have impact, letting the company or organisation know why you are boycotting them, enables them them change their practices and policies.

This is a copy of an email I sent to the company which owns the Brumbys brand. If I receive a reply, I will post that too.

FROM: Jo Nakashima

Due to encouraging your franchise holders to raise prices and blame a carbon price, my family and I will be boycotting all of your brands. I will be encouraging as many people as possible to do the same. I am contributor to a successful Australian “mummy-blog” and will be reminding readers as often as possible to also boycott your brands.

My regular Thursday night post-shopping treat with the husband and kids at Micheles and Donut king will now be replaced with brands that are not yours.

I also work with elderly and disabled clients and our twice weekly day-out that previously included a morning tea at various stores that have your brand will now be off the itinerary.

Thank you, my local smaller family owned cafes will now enjoy the benefits of my, my family, and my clients patronage.

Jo Nakashima


3 Comments to “Brumby’s Bakery ‘raise prices and blame carbon tax’ has now annoyed the Mummy Bloggers – Guest Post Jo Nakashima”

  1. response from Brumbys brand owner, RFG:

    Dear Jo,

    The Board and management of Retail Food Group Limited offers their sincerest apologies to our valued Brumby’s customers regarding any concerns they may hold in connection with the pricing of our products or the suggestion that imminent product price increases may have been solely as a consequence of the Carbon Tax. This suggestion was incorrect and should not have been asserted.

    Costs of doing business within our Brumby’s outlets have increased over the past 12-months, and this is the primary reason for the price review. Indeed Brumby’s has not adjusted its national Recommended Retail Price (RRP) since the 14th July 2011.

    There is no doubt, the Carbon Tax will add further costs to doing business post 1 July, but they are not reflected in the impending RRP increase and comments which suggested otherwise were an unacceptable error of judgment

    Brumby’s has maintained a strong and engaging customer focus for over 30 years based upon honesty and transparency. Our Brumby’s franchisees also pride themselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience based on quality products that represent great value for money.

    We genuinely regret this incident and unreservedly apologise.

    This unsavoury outcome is not the fault of our loyal and dedicated franchisee community and we respectfully ask that you continue to support them.

    We are committed to regaining your trust and ensuring Brumby’s great products and exceptional value well into the future.

  2. Apparently, the carbon price will increase the cost of a $25 cake by 10 cents! Whacko.

  3. Thanks. Micheles just lost another regular customer.

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