Liberal Party – All Cunning Stunts and No Policy

Here’s Joe Hockey’s response to Dr Craig Emerson signing “No Whyalla Wipeout”:
“The way Craig Emerson behaved yesterday was a disgrace”

This is coming from a man in the same party as Tony Abbott, who has worn a hard-hat and hi-vis vest in just about every overly macho occupation he could – from truck driver, to construction worker.

From a party whose leader (Abbott) and manager of opposition business (Pyne) ran from the Chamber during a vote. Only Pyne made it out, Abbott was called back. (See video here: Run Tony Run, Craig Thomson is coming). Abbott’s exact words were:
It was obviously a stunt orchestrated between Craig Thomson, (Leader of the House) Anthony Albanese and the government … As soon as it became apparent the government was pulling this stunt Christopher Pyne and I absented ourselves from the chamber.”

In the same way ‘a man with only a hammer sees only nails’, a man with only stunts sees stunts everywhere he goes. When you have no policies of your own, you rely on the antics of a side show clown, that is the Liberal party, and Abbott has trained the media well – they have no idea how to deal with policy.

And if it takes Emerson singing to get some attention that Whyalla was not wiped off the map, like Abbott was claiming for 18 months, then that just highlights the current media obsession with anything-but-policy.

The LNP is a party of Cunning Stunts because they have nothing else.

3 Comments to “Liberal Party – All Cunning Stunts and No Policy”

  1. The media have the cameras….

  2. Spin, stunts, slogans, lies, fear and loathing… and an unethical activist mainstream media to pull the wool over the population’s eyes on their behalf. Cunning stunts, all.

  3. Hockey — as shallow as a puddle from a rain shower!

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