The funniest politician on twitter – and it’s not ‘Emmo’

In between heavy debates on refugees, and carbon pricing boycotts, and Whyalla almost being wiped off the map, here is a little something that will hopefully bring a smile to your face:

It is John Kaye, (Greens MP NSW)

text of tweet: Why am I not at all surprised that @mittromney gets about on a jet ski on holiday? Is it because right wing men tend to have really little

2/2 concern for the ability of others to enjoy the environment

That tweet could have ended so many ways… or no need for a second tweet at all.

It’s all in the timing, getting to 140 characters and leaving the important words to the next tweet. Well done, Mr Kaye.

No offence intended by copying and pasting these tweets, they made me laugh, I thought I would share them. Not that Mr Kaye would be reading this blog or anything but if he did, this post is out of respect.


2 Comments to “The funniest politician on twitter – and it’s not ‘Emmo’”

  1. Lol, good find, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Being creative within 140 characters is a real challenge, so good on John Kaye.

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