Bronwyn Bishop admits the investigation into Thomson is a witchhunt

During the Senate Committee: Electoral Matters (Inquiry into the AEC Analysis of the FWA report on the HSU) Fri, 06 Jul 2012

Bronwyn Bishop while badgering the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) witnesses during its inquiry into funds from the HSU (Health Services Union) to Craig Thomson a report by FWA (Fair Work Australia) admits the whole reason for this ongoing saga.

It is not about unions, it is not about justice, it is not about the funds mis-spent or not from low-paid union workers.

Unless she gets the answers she wants, she is accusing investigators of doing a “slap-dash job”.

Bishop says she is not interested in Kathy Jackson, her only focus is in Craig Thomson.

Bishop: “we didnt have a Thomson before and we didnt have a government relying on his vote“.

Thank you Mrs Bishop, for reminding us all this about who is voting in Parliament… and we thought it was search for truth.

Thank you for reminding us this is about a government “relying on his vote” – most of the rest of us thought it was about justice

8 Comments to “Bronwyn Bishop admits the investigation into Thomson is a witchhunt”

  1. Hey Turn Left, can I get the Link to the Hsu/Fwa/Aec page or file you got this from please.?
    (if you still have it, I know it was a while ago) .. Thanks .. (Yep, I`m following this post)

    • It wasnt a webpage, I was watching the Senate Hearings – and typing the quotes as they were spoken, and posted minutes after B Bishop said it, so um, if they record what is said like a Hansard, check the date and time stamp on the blog post (11:15am, 6 july 2012) and search around that time, if they record what is said at Senate Hearings perhaps a string search in a search engine, maybe a journalist reported them.

      Or try this link Watch Parliament, since it was broadcast they might have a copy stored some place in their archives vault.

      I think Cafe Whispers recorded some of the same quotes I used.

      If you really need the quotes authenticated, maybe an email or phone call to the Senate and ask if they have recordings of that committee for that date. Or write to one of your senators – if any were at that hearing – and maybe their office might help out.


  2. As the great Paul Keating described her, “old acid drop “. Perfect description for a sour and bitter old nasty. Another waste of space in the party of the misfits.

  3. Ahh Poor Bronny! Letting the cat out of the bag, or amongst the pigeons! Doesn’t really matter most thinking voters had already figured that this was about bringing down a Government, not about justice.

    • She was just nasty, asking questions then interrupting the answers, or getting answers and saying basically, ‘I dont believe you’, this Opposition want to bring down the government,they think theyve found the way in Thomson, and he had have done something drastic the LNP would have been popping sparkling-wine corks

      • Bronny has never been nice. Wixxyleaks has been exposing the whole farce slowly but surely. It’s disappointing that the MSM hasn’t taken up the story, but then again, they are always averse to saying that they were wrong, or have been mislead, or been misleading.

  4. Lets get this right , Mrs Bishop does not think any of Jacksons actions requires looking into ?
    She seems to be justifying all Mrs Jacksons doings then,hmmm.

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