Dear Iain Hall, Right Wing Troll – This is why you were banned

A letter was sent to the email address for this blog from a right wing troll, this is what he said:

Hi there
I seem to banned from commenting at your blog and I would like to know why this is so.
My comemnts were on topic and polite and as far as I can tell they do not contravene your comments policy.

It saddens me that you are unwilling to accept comments that disagree with your political standpoint. So I write to you asking you to reverse this decision.

Yours sincerely

Iain Hall

Well, here is your answer:
a check of your comments history on this blog shows that you have been offensive since practically day 1. You were not polite, and were not on topic, you had a hatefilled right wing agenda, and this blog will not be used to further that agenda. The editor took the decision to ban you from commenting, not because of your repeated hatefilled comments, but she feels:

a) you are using this blog as a form of free-advertising – every time you get a comment posted you are promoting your own right wing hateful views

b) she doesn’t need to see your right wing hateful views popping up in the comments occasionally

c) banning you should hopefully stop you from taking posts from this blog and reposting them on your own blog

This is a left wing blog, proudly left wing. There is nothing that says it must be either fair or balanced. Right wing hate will not be tolerated.

When you took a post from this site and reposted it on your own, that was a step too far. You can be abusive as you like in comments, and the editor has the right to hit the “trash” button, but when you take work from this blog, and reproduce it on your own, the editor has no control over what context it is place in.

While there is nothing to stop you from making an anonymous email account and continue to comment, as long as it is not connected to your right wing hate-blog, you will probably get your comments published.


15 Comments to “Dear Iain Hall, Right Wing Troll – This is why you were banned”

  1. Ian Hall is still steeling other peoples works and publishing them on his Sandpit blog. He also posts as, Ray Dixon, Richard Ryan and sookpuppet. Most amusing watching him talk to himself.

  2. Those who is calling for Free Speech are those most likely to abuse it like Andrew Bolt and Iain Bolt.

  3. Or he could do what he, and his mate did only a month or so ago.
    That was to find out where a particular blog owner/operator worked, and threatened to go to his employer, unless the blog was shut down ?

    What was that about free speech again ?

  4. Who hang off “self-pity” Bolt’s every word, —–like dags on a sheep’s crutch. Hope that helps.

  5. Go to Bolts Blog——you will have fun there, with the brain-washed cretins—–

  6. Reblogged this on Iain Hall's SANDPIT and commented:
    You are most amusing Zealots here and of course I am not going to “bleat” about free speech I can and do say what I please at my own blog and elsewhere and I will take great pleasure in critiquing what you write here at my own blog when my muse inspires me to do so.
    Cheers Comrades

    • Indeed. So enough with the crocodile tears, when you and your “mate”, get shown the same “respect” you endow others with.

  7. I find it very amusing that there are so many right wingers who seem to have no understanding of property rights.

  8. Good riddance to the fool. In your guts you know he’s nuts. A great decision to ban him.

  9. Well done. I have taken to blocking people on Twitter who offer no argument or policy positions, but just negative hateful comments! Enough is enough.

  10. Good on you. I have problems with his taste in cartoons.

  11. Your blog, your rules. Now, for the predictable bleatings about the stifling of free speech. Sigh.

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