Tony Abbott continues his national ‘Deny Science’ tour – and visits Sulo

Tony Abbott promised he would spend the first two weeks following the introduction of carbon pricing by going on a national tour. His previous visit to Bickford’s Cordials didn’t go down to well, and resulted in a storm of social media controversy. (see here: Brumbys and Bickfords made a choice: they prefer Tony Abbott to their customers).

Yesterday, Tony Abbott, The Stunted, visited a recycling plant, yes, it was only a matter of time before the hard hat or hi-vis vest made an apparence.

During his press conference, Abbott both denied there was a reason to take action on climate change at the same time he was championing all the things done by Visy packaging and Lin Fox trucking to reduce impact on the environment (Lin Fox drivers use their brakes more efficiently, apparently).

A rather confusing message -either climate change is witchcraft (thank you Alan Jones) or it is real, which is why these major companies are doing something about it.

Here is Tony Abbott’s tweet about that visit:

text of tweet:
@TonyAbbottMHR Visited Sulo Bins today – our largest wheelie bin manufacturer facing competitive disadvantage under the carbon tax
Source: here

Sulo have just added themselves to the list of companies that hate science and their customers (Brumby’s Bakeries and Bickford’s Cordials), while playing politics with our future and the planet we will need to live on long after Tony Abbott is dead.


4 Comments to “Tony Abbott continues his national ‘Deny Science’ tour – and visits Sulo”

  1. These ‘stunt’ photo ops should provide an absolute gold mine during the next Election Campaign. I wish there was a site where they were freely available. Along with parodies of the Hope, Reward, Opportunity phrase there’s a mile of good stuff — especially wordplay on the latter!

  2. Abbott – The “down-to-earth” stuntman…

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