You know its ‘Your ABC’ when parody politicians make more sense than Lateline

ABC’s Lateline has a guest tweeter feature, where certain right wing politicians and News Limited journalists Live Tweet lateline. It is so successful for them, they have even had guests with locked twitter accounts – meaning the only people who could see the tweets were those who were actually following him.

Last nights guest was News Limited’s Miranda Devine.

A Kevin Rudd parody twitter account tweeted
Kevin Rudd ‏@_KRuddMP
@mirandadevine You only got ‪#lateline‬ tonight because I have better things to do. Like looking in a mirror looking glum. ‪#auspol‬ _KRudd

Lateline (or perhaps a parody of Lateline) responded

Lateline ‏@Lateline
@_KRuddMP Lateline would welcome you as guest tweeter any night that’s convenient for you.

So I asked the question

Turn Left ‏@turnleft2013
Im sure @ Lateline realise theyve just offered guest tweeter to a parody acct of One K Rudd, yep, says it all really

the gap between the @ and the Lateline was deliberate. The tweet was about them, not to them. To which Lateline responded

Lateline ‏@Lateline
@turnleft2013 We’ll of course be checking in with k Rudd’s office before going ahead.

Maybe Lateline has become a parody of itself, meanwhile the fake politicians make more sense than the ‘news’.

*Just so you know, Lateline – this is the real Kevin Rudd @KRuddMP


5 Comments to “You know its ‘Your ABC’ when parody politicians make more sense than Lateline”

  1. Over in LatelineLand they deal with the Limited-News `Parody-Journalists` all the time. Thus, Devine is the perfect guest twit. Ever seen her on QandaLand? LatelineLand would do no worse with `Parody-KRudd`.

  2. Nice pick up. Were they having an irony bypass at the time?

  3. Aaah, so they do read unsolicited tweets. So why is there never any response to the dozens of tweets weekly complaining about the bias, hmmmm, ABC?

    • I deliberately put the space between the @ and Lateline, I didnt want them to know I was having a go at them. I dont want to get blocked. I dont know how they found it. But the way the ABC is going these days, I cant tell if they are a parody or trying to be funny.

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