Due to threats from Iain Hall, the editor ’99’ will be temporarily on a break from this blog

Apparently being blocked from a blog is not enough for some people.

They manage to access a private email account only family and work colleagues have.

So for a little while, a new editor will be stepping in to manage the comments.

Thank you Jo Nakashima, and there is a trash and block as spam button, ineffective as they are, use them.

– 99 for Turn Left


7 Comments to “Due to threats from Iain Hall, the editor ’99’ will be temporarily on a break from this blog”

  1. Thank you use to post where trolls roam free, no more, youset a great example

    One feels safe here,

    Could u do a topic on what if abbott turned b ack boats in i ndonesian w aters
    Could this become a serious international incident or a local one if force was used.
    No o ne seems to have actually , got to tne nitty gritty of this, has this been thoight through
    To a scenario none of us thinkin g people would want to see.
    We live in scary times, cannot beleive this is happening.

  2. “Oh look, the lefties have not succumbed to the brainwashing of the mainstream media. No one shall be permitted to fall through the net! We must go over and re-educate them.”

    Sigh. They’ve got their own blogs, they’ve got the mainstream media, and with all that they still have to drop their filth on our spaces. Scrolling past without reading (or replying) is the best course of action if their stuff gets through moderation.

  3. ’99’ not willing to take the risk huh ?
    Recent behaviour by Hall and his skidmark side kick would indicate, that may be a prudent move.
    Both have proven over the last year or so, that they can’t handle serious, or otherwise intelligent debate, without making it personal at some point, when they are losing.

    For my money ? Never mind the spam button, just keep the “delete” button handy.
    Better still, let their dribble be published, and let us all “critique it”, for our own amusement, and give him some of his own medicine for a change ?

  4. Are there no lengths these fascist right wingers will not go to control and shape all our lives!

  5. Reblogged this on Iain Hall's SANDPIT and commented:
    What a load of nonsense this post is! I have only ever written one email to this blog politely asking why my comments have been disallowed. The claim that I have accessed any other email address is just a flat out lie.
    My what a lot of weaklings you lot must be if you run screaming from one single email sent to the blogs official and public address. So I challenge the blog owners here to put up the proof of your ludicrous claims or withdraw them.
    Cheers Comrades

    • This isn’t the first time though is it Mr Hall ?

      Read your OWN policy regardng emails and submission procedure, and you answer your own concerns.
      Stop squealing like a stuck pig, and get over it.

  6. Nasty! Unfortunately not unexpected from the Right Wing extremists.

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