Tony Abbott and his Flat Earth Tour continues at Boyne Smelter, Gladstone and Yatala Pies

The companies that are welcoming Tony Abbott with open arms to talk down the economy are not interested in the truth, it is all about a political agenda. These companies are happy to promote a right-wing, anti-science agenda, and good thing too – the rest of us know who to avoid in future.

As John Howard famously described consumers who boycott companies on ethical grounds as ‘economic terrorists’, the same could be said of Tony Abbott, who is on a mission to destroy the economy. And failing spectacularly.

6 July scored the double of hard hat and hi-vis vest.

True, in a hi-vis vest Tony Abbott does look like a dick, but one that is hard to beat, considering abbott has spent a life time practising.

text of tweet:
Tony Abbott ‏@TonyAbbottMHR
Great to visit the Boyne Smelter in Gladstone. Almost 1500 jobs made less secure because of the #carbontax

Although Tony Abbott had predicted Gladstone (along with Whyalla and Illawarra) would be wiped off the map, clearly they weren’t.

7 July saw Tony in a hair net, making pies – for some reason the pastry-and-gristle industry will be hard hit by the carbon price.

Two more to add to the list of companies that don’t care about the future of this planet.
Along with
Sulo Bins
Bickford’s Cordial
Brumby’s Bakery.

3 Comments to “Tony Abbott and his Flat Earth Tour continues at Boyne Smelter, Gladstone and Yatala Pies”

  1. Thank you for keeping a rolling list of the companies that cooperate with this liar on his unprincipled scare campaign.

  2. There is always Hope, that we will be Rewarded by Phoney Tony doing something so imbecile and stupid that it will present the Opportunity so show this fakir for what he really is!

  3. Notice Tony Abbott saying jobs will be ‘made less secure’ instead of ‘losing jobs’. Maybe he’s beginning to realize how ridiculous his rhetoric is. Nolans Transport in Gatton visited by Tony Abbott twice. The CEO and Tony Abbott put on such a good show on how much transport company would suffer under a carbon price, the rumour went around that Nolans was in receivership. CEO was furious. Last I heard he wished he’d never heard of Tony Abbott

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