Tony Abbott says “Workers will find that I am their best friend”

Tony Abbott doing his press conference at Andrews Meats, Lidcombe, Sydney, has said “Workers will find that I am their best friend”.

What that means is if he ever becomes Prime Minister, he will cut penalty rates, working conditions, low wage, unsafe work places, flexibility (to be fired), no union protections, no protection from your wages being stolen… and prison time for attending union meetings (sound far fetched? just ask Ark Tribe, who went to prison under laws to make construction industry more flexible, but not safe) sounds just like WorkChoices.

Why is this necessary? To save us from a couple of cents carbon “tax”? Working peoples wages will be slashed by a third – as they are in Greece – because this is the economic model that Tony Abbott thinks is good for business.

And if you’re a working person who truly believes that Abbott will deliver higher wages… take one look at who he is making promises to – Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer – these people will never have the best interests of the working class and small business owners at heart.


11 Comments to “Tony Abbott says “Workers will find that I am their best friend””

  1. We have Phoney as a truck driver,butcher,baker,candlestick maker, welder, electrician, boilermaker,fish filleter, fire fighter, runner,bike rider,liar,fraud,coward and now he is fucking stand up comedian with his classic joke that he will be the workers best friend. The idiot will be at the Comedy Festival next year. In your guts you know he’s nuts.

  2. You should be careful what you post here you are upsetting a certain deranged right winger who lives under a load of sand in Qld. He thinks we will all be better off under Abbott.(I think they may be related although the Sandman is uglier than Abbott by an order of magnitude) Just think some poor women goes to bed with that every night, Jesus wept!!! Yep, the work place will be Nirvana under Abbott. We will all have well paying jobs with enough money to buy luxuries like food and clothes. What’s more that 3 bucks a week crippling us all called a carbon tax, will be terminated. So just think, we’ll all have enough money for another Snickers bar. Ain’t right wing politics grand?

  3. So Phoney Tony is the ‘worker’s best friend’ eh? With a friend like that they won’t need enemies, nor enemas for that matter. They’ll soon find out what being shafted by a friend is like!

    PS: Are they his ‘first bestest friend’ or just ‘best’. Depends you know. You always look after your first bestest friend in preference to just your best friend.

  4. This idiot Abbott is so far into cloud cuckoo land I believe he really has no fucking idea what he says. He is given a script in the morning from Peta Cretin, learns it then just goes out and spews it out. The longer this idiot goes on you realise just what a delusional fruit loop he really is. The workers friend, yeah and I believe in Santa Claus and the Easter rabbit. This freak is freaking dangerous and getting more scary by the minute.

    • Unfortunately, he could wear a tie-dye tutu and perform Swan Lake in front of Australian media, and the public would still prefer him because hes “not Julia”
      99 for Turn Left

  5. Remembering what Abbott said about the rodent government’s SerfChoices.

    Abbott: “The Howard government’s industrial legislation, it was good for wages, it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never forget that.”

    Work choices back under new name..

  6. What we have from Abbott is a statement of intent. How much do you trust his intentions?
    The whole thing is a “look over here” and not at the mess I made on turn back the boats.

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