China world leaders in alternative energy, yet Tony thinks Australia is “going it alone”

How often have we heard from Tony Abbott that Australia should not, and must not take action to reduce pollution because “Australia would be going it alone”.

China is often cited as an example of a country that ignores the environment, and we all know if China does something, then we must follow suit.

“In 2000, IEA estimated that China would have 2 gigwatts of wind power installed by 2010. China reached 45 gigawatts by the end of 2010”

Australia is getting a free ride polluting everyone’s environments, it is time we took responsibility for the damage we are doing to our environment.

Ignoring Tony Abbott’s lies would help too.

12 Comments to “China world leaders in alternative energy, yet Tony thinks Australia is “going it alone””

  1. Is Tony off to China next? If so the Chinese could prepare a media stunt for him, just give him one of those brown overalls and a yellow helmet and take him to a wind farm.

  2. Germany is going to leave us for dust in the renewable energy industry…. They are going nuts with the renewables and are aiming for a 100% clean economy. But of course we are “going it alone” according to the dinosaur Abbott.

  3. It’s not just about Australia getting a free ride. It’s about our economy being relevant and competitive in the emerging low-emissions global framework.

    If it were left up to right wing idiots we would be left behind and never catch up.

    I guess that would suit the right wing. Before long with would be a Third World country, with the classic conditions of a handful of super-wealthy ruling the roost, and Third World wages and standard of living for the masses.

  4. The Chinese have always been very good at business and trade. In the background they will be quietly beavering away to place themselves in the next market — alternative energy generation. Eg. Who’s selling the cheapest solar panels?

    China is an interesting watch as they balance their version of Communism with Capitalism. I suspect the end result will be a rampant economic powerhouse as the Western powerhouses fade. One reason why I consider that Australia’s future lies in the Asia Indo Pacific region not with its historic roots in Britain and Europe.

    • But… but the USA is our best friend, after all they want to have their marines in Darwin, their nuclear bases in Cocos Island, and spy on the world from Pine Gap, and sell us lots of useless (except against locals) military hardware – you mean they’re not our best friends

      99 for Turn Left

      • Of course they are turnleft2013, a long as we do what they say, like spend more on defence!
        Here’s a hypothetical. Oz really cheeses off Indonesia big time. Indonesia invades Australia. US tub thumps and says ‘if you don’t stop, we’ll help our little Ozzie mate out!’. China says, ‘Oi, we like the Indonesians, this issue is between our friends and Oz, and we’ll just send some of our navy down there to make sure that it stays that way!’
        Will the US;
        a) wade in and help its little Ozzie mate regardless of the cost,
        b) go to the UN and get a motion up condemning Indonesia which will be promptly vetoed by China and Russia,
        c) put it’s hands in it pockets and whistle a lot!
        Your call! 😉

      • one flaw in that scenario – it won’t get to the stage where China and US take sides (although, there are probably hundreds of strategists who have plans for every country going to war with every other country)

        say Tony towed the boats back to Indonesia waters, Indonesia says “thats people smuggling” and war breaks out … the US would NOT take sides, well, unless they thought their private businesses could get their hands on oil – Indonesian oil, Australian oil, Timor Leste oil, dont matter, they will side with the country that has the resources they can plunder when regime change has been accomplished

      • Awww! Are you saying they only like us out of self interest? What about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, various South American countries. Was that only self interest too? 🙂

      • They tend to look more kindly on countries with oil, one more reason to go renewable – a lot less wars and killing

      • Sorry to put a little dent in your scenario man, BUT
        what is Indonesia going to invade us with ? They (1) haven’t got a boat that can get here quick enough, at least with the forces you invisage, and (2) their planes are no better, (3) they would have to go to the world bank, for a loan to pay for the fuel even if they could manage to pull off either of the above ?

        As for the awakening China ?
        It will keep its mouth shut, as it is too busy counting the billions in revenues it is getting from the US and Australian trade markets.

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