Unions fully support the Gillard government, and if the media tells you otherwise, they want Regime Change

Despite what many people think, Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister at the last election.

Yes, Julia Gillard led the Labor party to the election in 2010, and formed government.

She was the legitimate prime minister, and the current government is a legitimate government.

It was not Kevin Rudd. And when the media continually talk about Rudd returning, be assured, they do it for one reason, and one reason only: To destabilise the current government, force an early election and install Tony Abbott as dictator… oops, Prime Minister.

Headlines scream: Union leaders at odds on Gillard talk and we are told that Unions are planning the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister. Unions shift on Gillard

It is in the newspapers, so it must be true, right?

Paul Howes, National Secretary of the AWU, categorically denies these stories that are appearing all over the media recently.

text of tweet: The story in the AFR is complete BS – in fact the opposite is the case all unions are united in supporting the PM ‪#ausunions‬

“But we voted for Rudd, not the woman”, come the squawks from talk back radio.

Well, unless you live in Kevin Rudd’s electorate, you don’t actually get to vote for him. Also, if you don’t live in Julia Gillard’s electorate you don’t vote for her, or against her.

Are Australians really so stupid that they think we vote for a Prime Minister? The PM is chosen by the government. We just vote for our local members and state senators.

The media in collusion with Tony Abbott have fed the Australian voters this lie about the “assassination” of Kevin Rudd, about illegitimate governments, about unstable Prime Ministers because it suits their agenda. And they will keep repeating the lies all the way to the ballot box.


2 Comments to “Unions fully support the Gillard government, and if the media tells you otherwise, they want Regime Change”

  1. I really enjoy reading posts here, but would it be possible for somebody to do some spell and grammar checking before posting? It’s really irritating wading through all the mistakes. thanks

    • wading? the post is about 3 paragraphs long, and a huge chunk of that is a block quote, Prime Minister was corrected (from Prime Minster), a apostrophe removed from Australian’s, sorry you are irritated

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