Wonder what an Abbott government will look like? Read up on Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Shock horror, mentioning Hitler, automatic lose.

First things first: Godwin’s Law: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches. It just says the likelihood increases, whether Hitler comparisons are relevant is not mentioned.

In some instances, reference to Hitler’s Germany is entirely appropriate.

One only needs to look at the Liberal-National state governments to see the sort of things that Tony might attempt. Or, one could look back at the Howard government, when they got control of the Senate – those years delivered the wonder that WorkChoices, not mentioned during the election, only after Howard realised he had the Senate.

What does the future hold for Australia, if we are idiotic enough to elect Tony Abbott and his Drama Queens into government … A dictatorship of the billionaires, with Tony as the biggest Dictator of all.

A massive stripping away of worker’s rights, civil rights, environmental safeguards. Your role will be work, consume, watch tv, sleep, and once a week attend christian church.

WorkChoices – offered very little in the way of Choice to the workers. Removal of penalty rates, removal of safe working environments, protection from having your wages stolen.

This continues the tradition of dictators everywhere of naming something the opposite of what it actually is. Much like the sign above the entrance to Auschwitz “Arbeit macht frei” (meaning “labour makes (you) free”) – I’m not sure the millions of Europeans who were forced into slave-labour would agree with that.

Tony constantly tells people how bad the Australian economy is performing, even though we have one of the best performing economies in the world. Why does he do this? It is necessary for the people to believe that we are in crisis, so he can offer us the cure – Work Choices.

As Hitler said “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”. Great Big New Tax, Whyalla wiped off the map, economic crisis, doom and gloom, debt ceiling. Tony has to keep telling people how bad things are, because the reality does match his beliefs. Spain has 25% unemployment, in Greece people are having to accept 30% pay cuts to continue working. In the United States, towns are closing schools and turning off street lights because they are broke. This is not the economy of Australia. Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard saw Australia through the Global Financial Crisis and we came out stronger on the otherside. Meanwhile, around the world, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, these countries are on the verge of collapse. And still the Australian economy continues to grow.

Great Big New Tax? Carbon pricing is a fraction of 1%. Unlike the 10% GST

ronically, Abbott calling what Australia’s Prime Minister said a ”lie” may itself be an example of what Adolf Hitler called a ”big lie”, that is a lie so ”colossal” it has a ”certain force of credibility” because the populace ”would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously” (Mein Kampf, volume I, chapter X).
For the repetitions, just watch the TV and listen to the radio. Every time an opposition politician gets the opportunity, they repeat the ”lie” claim over and over again. This happens with such predictable regularity it cannot be mere coincidence. There is clearly a conscious, concerted and calculated propaganda campaign of Goebbels-esque proportions under way.
Source: Taxing the truth: why we must not let Abbott’s dogmas lie

Is the Great Big New Tax scare campaign really about a “tax” (it is actually a price on carbon, much like a speeding fine is a tax on fast driving, don’t create the pollution, don’t pay the carbon price).

No, this has nothing to do with the environment, other than a handful of billionaires make money destroying the Great Barrier Reef or the Murray Darling Catchment than they would if our environment was protected.

Whether Tony Abbott really believes in climate change or not is irrelevant, his puppet masters – the mining billionaires – need Australia to abandon protecting the environment for their wealth. And like a good little puppet, Tony jumps when his strings are pulled.

So the environment will suffer, what what about the women and children? Tony is a “good” christian, he keeps reminding us often enough.

Kinder, Küche, Kirche a German phrase, meaning “children, kitchen, church”, and it was the ideal role for women. It did not originate with Nazi Germany, but they subscribe to it.

Is something similar in store for Australian women?

Tony Abbott’s opinions on religion are already well known. He considers Cardinal Pell his Spiritual leader, a man who (allegedly) covered up child rape, child abuse, and paedophile priests. If these are the christian values that Tony respects, the children of Australia can expect little justice.

Western Australia, under a Liberal Government, is considering life-begins-at-conception laws similar to those in some parts of the United States, which has seen a closing of women’s health clinics across the country, even for breast cancer screening and hormone control. Bosses get to enquire the reasons why a woman is using birth-control, and any risky activity 2-weeks before conception is considered harmful to feotuses.

What about education? Can’t have an educated population who can think for themselves.

Victoria are closing state schools while bailing out public schools, Queensland is removing Abstudy and removing science from the classroom, anything that challenges the “mining is king” premise. Christopher Pyne flagged class sizes in public schools will likely double. If you think a teacher with 40 or more students can ensure that each reaches their full potential, then I have a bridge to sell you.

Unless you are a billionaire, life will be very harsh for everyone under an Abbott government. Don’t risk it.


5 Comments to “Wonder what an Abbott government will look like? Read up on Hitler’s Nazi Germany”

  1. Great post. We need to keep hammering home this message. So many people in Australia don’t understand how much their well being owes to the union movement.

  2. Liberals’ plan crackdown on rogue protesters

    The Examiner, Tasmania, 01 Jul, 2012 04:00 AM

    The federal Liberal Party has declared war on environmental protesters in preparation for the next election.

    The Liberal Party federal council unanimously passed a motion at a meeting in Melbourne yesterday that means protesters who target businesses and workplaces would be more likely to go to jail under a federal Coalition government.


    • Already in NSW, when the Libs opened National Parks to shooters, they made protesting shooters illegal
      At the height of hoWARd’s scare campaign against brown people (“terrorists”), he had people who organise boycotts labelled “economic terrorists”, the word terrorist in the Libs world means anyone who stands between them and a dollar
      thanks for the link
      99 for Turn Left

  3. Is the right wing seeking to engineer a virtual one-party state?

    Kim Beazley Valedictory Speech, reported in Sydney Morning Herald, 22 September 2007:


    “Understand this: when you wish to assault democracy, first you attack the unions. When you wish to restore democracy, first you start with the unions.

    “It is no accident that the opposition in Zimbabwe now is led by the unions.

    “When you undermine unions, you undermine democracy in the workplace, then you will undermine democracy in the nation overall.

    “First you destroy the unions, then you destroy democracy.”


    Andrew Charlton, The Age, 30 September 2007


    “You won’t hear Howard admit this, but one of his key motivations for the WorkChoices reforms is the tangible prospect that the new rules will hurt his Labor opponents by crippling their financial backers in the union movement.

    “It is no secret that the electoral strength of the Labor Party is dependent on the financial strength of the unions. Unions make a massive contribution to the ALP, bankrolling the party’s operations through donations, loans and affiliation fees totalling about $7 million every year. And that doesn’t include the considerable support in kind regularly provided to Labor candidates, including paid staff and materials for campaign offices.


    “WorkChoices restricts organisers’ access to workplaces, excludes unions from wage bargaining, and prevents unfair dismissal claims. The effect is to eliminate opportunities for unions to make heroes out of themselves by championing popular shop-floor causes.


    “That is precisely Howard’s goal, and the ulterior motive behind industrial relations reform.”


    • Abbott has already said that if he cant destroy Unions, he will introduce ACCC rules for more than just the construction industry – all that ensuring a safe workplace where your boss doesn’t steal your wage is SOOOO totalitarian

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