Channel 7 – can they get any lower? Even Murdoch’s people wouldn’t go that low

From the network that outed a gay (allegedly) politicians in NSW saying it was a matter of public importance (Channel 7 invaded privacy over David Campbell story

The network that was singled out by Craig Thomson, for harassing his family

What you do not expect from journalists is the 12 stories that have been written about me in the Fairfax media without coming to me for a comment, without seeking my side at all. What you do not expect is for Channel 7 reporters to be hovering underneath the bathroom window while my pregnant wife is having a shower. There is a great responsibility in reporting. You need to take that seriously.
Source: Hansard

The network whose political reporters quote Joel Fitzgibbon issuing ultimatums to PM Gillard, then admit that they didn’t actually speak to him (Dissecting A Media Beat Up – The MP and the Channel 7 reporter, and the Ch 7 reporter admits making it up)

The network who also brought a new meaning to ambulance chasing when the miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb were finally rescued from being trapped underground for more than two weeks, seven breakfast show host Kochie (does he even have a first name?) jumped into the ambulance that was taking Russell and Webb to hospital.

Channel 7 have reached a new low, harassing grieving families.

It is time for a Levenson-style inquiry in this country, like the one in the UK that is investigating Murdoch. If we think our media is not as bad, think again.

Update: see the apology from Channel 7, for removing the post
Channel 7 ‘You Bastards’ – rewriting the news as fast as they report it

3 Comments to “Channel 7 – can they get any lower? Even Murdoch’s people wouldn’t go that low”

  1. Australia has just had the Finklestein Media Inquiry by the way.

  2. Yeah, I got this on Twitter thru the night,

    but I don`t watch the TT-Kochie-Mel Network-7,
    so I couldn`t work out if it was true or a twit-hoax.

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