National Unfollow Latika Day – facebook event taken down

Yesterday, a rogue person or persons set up a Facebook event “National Unfollow Latika Day” in response to the numbers of people who say they have been blocked on twitter by Latika Bourke – ABC’s social media political reporter.

That event attracted fierce discussions between those who love her and those who hate her. And if that is a sample of some of the things people tweet to Ms Bourke, the blockings become understandable.

Even Latika Bourke thought it was a good idea:

Ms Bourke herself predicted that the event wouldn’t last, given the viciousness of the attacks.

However, a visit to facebook shows that the event has been removed. Whether by the organisers or by facebook, who knows – but it certainly was a contentious event.


6 Comments to “National Unfollow Latika Day – facebook event taken down”

  1. Latika isn’t the worst at their ABC. While it is true that she propagates streams of the obligatory Liberal spin (hence being known, in some circles, as Libtika), I’ve also seen her try to hold individual Liberals to account on occasion. One would need a thick hide for her role, and no doubt she’s got this, or, after this incident, is getting it.

    • if I RT Latika on twitter, I get a lot of people telling me that she has blocked them or she is liberal spin, I never get anyone say shes a Leftwing Shill, I try to be fair, because she is a human

  2. No turnleft2013, I wasn’t joking about the irrelevance of a great many political journalists in the mainstream media. I haven’t really seen a half-decent piece of real journalism for some time. The only real stand-outs are Hartcher and Gittins and I guess you could call them quasi-political really. I stopped reading The Australian some time ago.

    Thanks for the clarifying amendment but I’d got the gist of who Latika Bourke was in your original text. Haven’t seen any of her material which I’d consider earth-shattering (well nothing at all really) hence my fleeting attention span.
    Love your blog though! Keep it up!

  3. Two issues came immediately to mind: Who’s Latika Bourke? And, do I care?

    110 milliseconds later (I am getting older) my mind responded: Who cares, and No!

    And it was thus gentle reader, that another inconsequentiality faded back into obscurity!

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