Tony Abbott on his International Offend Everyone Tour (photo)

Tony Abbott, visiting China, to tell them to change how they run their country, is seen here meeting with the Chinese commerce minster, Chen Deming, after the President and the Prime Minister both apparently refused to meet him.

Meanwhile, Mark Latham was hounded merciless by the media forever after, for this moment.

12 Comments to “Tony Abbott on his International Offend Everyone Tour (photo)”

  1. The Chinese will just smile quietly to themselves and think ‘stupid gwailo’ at his gauche attempt to make an impression on them. As if the Chinese are even slightly interested in what he has to say. Phoney Tony is the Australian equivalent of the ‘Ugly American’. Ewwwww! Spare us from such embarrassment.

  2. Interesting take on the latest Newspoll. Of course not mentioned by MSM, his numbers are the worst in twenty-five years.

  3. China’s military needs not to get ahead of itself. Abbott: “We accept the modernization of China’s armed forces because that’s what all countries want for their military. On the other hand, no big country is entitled to get its way with smaller ones just because it can.”

    Read more:

    Tones does that apply to Australia, big country, towing the asylum seeker boats back to Indonesia, smaller one
    Or was that comment, oops, not meant for Australian ears.

    • oh no, he didn’t really say that? continuing a long tradition of Liberals who have one message for Australian audiences, and another for foreign audience. They truly are techo-morons, they don’t quiet understand the internes.
      Good find, thank you

  4. That he is an embarrassment to Australia on the international stage should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched with disgust his put down of President Obama, his gaffes with the Indonesian leader and the most embarrassing speech given in front of the visiting Danish Royal couple. Yeah he has also lectured the New Zealand Prime Minister but I will give him pass on that one.

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