The Leveson Media Inquiry concludes – and what did it produce?

A breakdown from the Leveson Inquiry, (which has now concluded, and was a public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press following the News International phone hacking scandal, particularly practices from Rupert Murdoch and his papers).

The BBC website, have an excellent wrap up Leveson Inquiry: Hearings to conclude after eight months

Some of the statistics they uncovered:

Cost: estimated £5.6m

Most common words: People Right Press Public Media

Who had the worst memory: (use of phrases “I don’t remember,” “I don’t recall,” “I can’t remember” or “I can’t recall.”)

1. David Cameron (current UK Prime Minister)
2. James Murdoch (son of Rupert Murdoch)
3. Rebekah Brooks (editor in charge of The Sun, during phone hacking)
4. Rupert Murdoch (evil overlord)

Professions of witnesses:
1. Media / PR
2. Police
3. Law
4. Politics
5. Academia

Now, when is it Australia’s turn for an in-depth media inquiry?

Tandberg cartoon from Fairfax’s The Age, image used without permission, and does not imply Tandberg would endorse contents of this post or blog


5 Comments to “The Leveson Media Inquiry concludes – and what did it produce?”

  1. When will Aust’ have its’ media inquiry?….When the “Authoritative Powers” can remove their “syphon-lips” from Rupert’s arse!

  2. On a similar theme to the cartoon in this article is this one, again from Ron Tanberg, in The Age, 19 June 2012:

  3. All these right-wingers with “memory problems”. Howard and Downer (for example) used to make the same claim: “I don’t recall” when it suited. Convenient!

    • Howard had 11 years of “Nobody told me”, how the man could run the country with no one telling him anything, and the media never pulled him up on it, even then the Libs got an easy ride

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