Wayne ‘World’s Greatest Treasurer’ Swan shows his human side

Wayne Swan, speaking about his John Button lecture, opens up his home to show us his music collection, and how Bruce Springsteen has fueled his passion for a fair-go.

The music playing is the background is from a song called ‘No Retreat’.


4 Comments to “Wayne ‘World’s Greatest Treasurer’ Swan shows his human side”

  1. Swannie’s one politician I’d love to have a cuppa with.

  2. Lovely vid, showing another side of Wayne….he has been a wonderful treasurer, deserving of the world wide accolades he has received on behalf of the Govt and the country. Remember the words Abbott..No Retreat, No Surrender.
    Be a wonderful Labor motto for 2013

    • A certain ABC social media tweeter, had some criticism of this video yesterday, but those tweets seem to have disappeared today. If you like the Govt, you will probably like this video. If you don’t like the Govt, you probably won’t appreciate the Human Touch.

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