Did an ABC reporter really say That? Advocating Australia break international laws

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Latika Bourke
@NickChampionMP why does Govt not consider the Turnbull-route – try TA’s ‘solution’ and if it doesn’t work, re-request Malaysia?

The increasingly shrill Right-wing, Opposition Cheerleading slant of the ABC has amused and outraged many across social media. Here is ABC’s social media reporter, Latika Bourke discussing the arrival of more refugee boats with Nick Champion (Federal Labor Member for Wakefield, South Australia).

She asks, Why does the Government just ignore its own members and millions who DIDN’T vote for Tony Abbott’s party and do what ever the Opposition want? … Good Question Latika.

Here is why:

To do as Tony Abbott says, take fuel from boats and tow them back to international waters, would be Piracy, which is illegal, that would also be theft, it would also be inhumane, and a breach of just about every single International Law which Australia has signed up to regarding refugees and rules of the Ocean.

Tony Abbott’s plan would also really, really annoy Indonesia, one of our closest neighbours. For anyone who has had a ‘Neighbour From Hell, loud music all night, car hoons revving engins at 2AM, blocking your driveway, dumping their rubbish over your fence, their kids wandering through your back yard – imagine what would happen if Indonesia decided to become Australia’s Neighbour From Hell? Not pleasant.

Towing boats anywhere would result in crews scuttling their boats, so they would become unable to be towed, risking more deaths at sea. The farce that was the deliberate lie perpetrated by the HoWARd government that people threw children overboard would happen again and again, as refugees have to jump in to the water (not throw their children) to escape sinking boats.

Also, last time I checked, the Navy was not a towing service. Their job is to defend Australia, and if Tony Abbott really believes our nations biggest enemy is a few brow people in a boat, then Tony Abbott really has no idea about Australia’s geo-political place in the world.

There is also one very important reason that the current ALP-Greens coalition Government should ignore Tony Abbott – he not in government. There was an election in 2010, Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister, and Tony Abbott and his party LOST. Abbott is not Prime Minister, the people didn’t want him. The independents didn’t want him. There was a leadership challenge in the Liberal Party and most of his party didn’t want Tony Abbott either, he only became the Leader of the Opposition by one vote – Peter Slipper’s tainted vote.

The media really should stop deferring to him like he is the Prime Minister.

The people of Australia voted, they wanted Labor, Greens, and a whole lot of former-National Independents – anyone but the Liberal-National Coalition. That is democracy.

Maybe the Malaysia Solution was not perfect, but we don’t live in a perfect world. And for an ABC reporter – or anyone – to advocate such wilful deliberate cruelty inflicted on other human beings as Tony Abbott final solution for refugees, this has gone beyond mere reporting the news, this has become propaganda for one political party over another.

Well done, Their ABC.

because I was accused of taking things out of context, here is the whole tweet-conversation between the Labor MP and the ABC reporter

Why doesn’t the Government try the Opposition’s plan? – the answer is the same, it’s illegal, inhumane, immoral and breaches Australia’s obligations under international laws.


14 Comments to “Did an ABC reporter really say That? Advocating Australia break international laws”

  1. I doubt their ABC is capable of or interested in unpacking Coalition lies. It’s just …Repeat, rinse, repeat.

  2. Ahh, that`s better. Nice Post.
    I find both Lib/Lab regimes are equally as bad on `boat-people`.
    Both want to `out-source` responsibility to `other` Nations.
    Both regimes are responsible for the `Push`Factors`.
    HoWARd regime for goose-stepping to Yanks tune creating Iraq / Afghan disasters.
    Joolya`s regime for not having guts to stop goose-stepping to Yanks tune.
    More usa bases don`t help Joolya either.
    Both regimes are not acting in our best interest, or our wishes, on this.

  3. Actually any complaint to the ABC would result in the ‘devil’s advocate’ defense. People are saying.. should be treated like Margaret Thatcher did ‘What people, who are they? Name them!’ At present a journailst is at liberty to say anything and then refuse to reveal a souce- and maybe they don’t have a source- it could be their own opinion.

    • I think the Govt are still in the “I want everyone to like me phrase”, when will they realise that there are some people who will never like them, no matter what they do, and serve their actually supporters. And cant believe Im saying this – but Way To Go, Maggie!

    • Yes Sue de Nim, when reporters do the … people say blah blah … bullshit,
      we can be pretty sure of three things,
      1. it is the `reporter`guessing` and
      2. it is most likely `not`important` and,
      3. most likely a long way from being `correct`.

  4. obviously they haven’t been following latikas silly tweets. She only asks silly inane biased atterntion-seeking questions. Any suggestion she is a reporter or journalist is purely accidental

  5. You can’t stop people like Latika Bourke acting like the unintelligent, uneducate morons that they are. Bourke by name Bourke by nature!

  6. What a burke, she is just another “light weight” journalist specialising in gossip rather than research.

  7. A reporter, of any brand, asking a politician, of any flavor, is not advocating. A single tweet? With no context? Why only one tweet? What did tweets before and after say? This post is not fair on politician, reporter or reader. It belongs on blogs.very.limited.news/donkey-data

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