Man calls for the Slaughter of the Prime Minister… media distracted by Bill Shorten not liking his Pie

Bill Shorten didn’t like his pie. How do I know this, it is all over the media. Everywhere, national headline news.

Meanwhile, David Farley, head of the AACo (Australian Agricultural Company) has supposedly said (I can only find one source for this quote, the media have more important things to worry about, like Bill Shorten and his pie):

[explaining plans for a new abattoir near Darwin] This plant is designed to process old cows… So the old cows that become non-productive, instead of making a decision to either let her die in the paddock or put her in the truck… this give us a chance to take non-productive animals off and put them through the processing system.

So it’s designed for non-productive cows – Julia Gillard’s got to watch out.

Contact address for this organisation is: , and they value your feedback.

Farley, the former Chief Executive Officer and President of Calcot, California USA, where these sorts of comments are probably more acceptable against the democratically elected leaders.

Although, perhaps, Mr Farley, by the looks of those multiple chins, you should lay off the slaughtered cows, your heart must be under some strain.


9 Comments to “Man calls for the Slaughter of the Prime Minister… media distracted by Bill Shorten not liking his Pie”

  1. Why isn;t the media Demanding an apology from this guy- if they are not biased? Why are they not harranguing him and asking if his comments are appropriate in modern Australia?

    • The media didn’t care about baseball bats, target on foreheads, chaff bags in the Tasman, kick her to death, lie down and die… this won’t even be notice – besides BILL SHORTEN DIDNT LIKE HIS MICROWAVED MEAT PIE

  2. Some people you’d rather they be against you than approve.

  3. How utterly offensive, Misogynist , and he’s no oil painting either. In my opinion free speech is one thing ,but ‘hate speech’ aka Alan Jones and his cronies is something else.I wish the Pm and Labor would call themn on it, sue them for slander and put pressure on the companies that employ them
    .By the Way there is a rival group in Warringa who wants anyone but Tone.

    • They always say “free speech”, but if I stood outside his house at 3AM shouting death threats to his lardy children, Im not sure he would roll over and go “oh that is just someone expressing free speech”, no, the cops would move me along in a heartbeat.

      yah for Anyone But Tony

  4. About what you’d expect from an ugly American. Fits in well with his uglyl Australian counterparts like Alan Jones et. al.

  5. If Farley cant keep a civilised tongue in his thick skull he should get his bloated body back to the states and his tea party nut case mates. His type is not wanted here

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