The Man who called for the Slaughter of the Prime Minister wants your feedback

Allegedly, David Farley, head of the AACo (Australian Agricultural Company) has called for the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard to be slaughtered. AACo has a lovely website, and they have asked for your feedback.

This is their contact webpage (I had to double click to get it to work):

If that address does not work, try this one

This is a copy of the email I sent to the AACo:

I loved how the CEO of your organisation called for the death of the Prime Minister – the “Slaughter” of, to be precise. Love the values of your organisation, if you don’t like something KILL IT, including the elected leaders of our country.

This is such strong family values sadly lacking in our country today, that I have raided my children’s piggy bank and would love to make a donation to your organisation.

I don’t imagine I will get much of a response.


6 Comments to “The Man who called for the Slaughter of the Prime Minister wants your feedback”

  1. my email sent to them.

    The reported comments of your CEO David Farley are misogynistic, insulting to the status of Prime Minister and to women in general and have no place in modern Australian society.

    I hope that you are prepared to distance yourselves from the comments and that he is prepared to apologise to Australian women and especially to the Prime Minister.

    He should keep his personal prejudices to himself.

  2. No surprise their co-operate offices are in Queensland..

  3. I’ve sent an email, and from my reading around the traps I’d suggest he’ll be receiving quite a lot.

  4. Unfortunately the only people currently expressing public outrage( as reported by the media) are female.

  5. Unfortunately you can’t vomit on a webpage — makes an awful mess on your PC. And the wife gets VERY cross!

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