Who Is The Prime Minister Again?

It has been two elections since the Liberal Nationals were in Government. First there was Rudd’s Victory in 2007. Then there was the 2010 election which PM Gillard was the Prime Minister going into the election and Prime Minister on the other side of the election.

This morning PM Gillard and Leader Of Coalition Opposition (LOCO) Tony Abbott met the returning Olympic athletes.

Yet, the media still has trouble accepting Julia Gillard is the democratically elected Prime Minister.

Gillard and PM? And?

While some media outlets to this day continue to refer to the Opposition as “the Government”, that is understandable, they were Government once upon a time, however, Tony Abbott has NEVER been a Prime Minister, this is a mistake that should never be made.


One Comment to “Who Is The Prime Minister Again?”

  1. No wonder Liealot is under the illusion he’s PM, when this sort of bs is touted.

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