What has Wayne Swan done to our economy now?

Where does the myth that the Liberals are better economy managers come from?

Is is just something that they repeat endlessly during election campaigns until you stop questioning it? Much like the 2007 slogan “interest rates will always be lower under a Liberal Government” (and interest rates have been lower under the Gillard and Rudd governments that they ever were during Howard’s reign).

In fact, the highest interest rates in recent Australian history was 1982 under the Fraser government when John Howard was treasurer – a whopping 21.4%.

Or do people believe the myth that the Liberals are better economic managers because the Liberals tend to not spend money on important infrastructure, or training. They let the country fall apart and have to rely on importing skilled migrants – and even hair dresses qualified for skilled migration during the Howard years because there were not enough people in training.

In 11 years of Liberal National Government there was no equivalent of the National Broadband (NBN) or National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), all we got was a selling-off the farm and the “family silver”. Privatising profit and socialising loss, as the taxpayer had to bail out private company after private company, from the Ansett levy to John Howard’s own brother, whose economic failures were smothered by taxpayer money.

Perhaps the myth of Liberal economic credentials come from post-election budgets, when newly installed Liberals state governments say the reason they have to slash jobs and services is because of “Labor mismanagement”. (Hello “Cant” Newman who simultaneously needs to sack thousands of public servants, cut back on essential services, cannot afford a NDIS, literacy programmes or breast cancer screenings – but can afford $100 million for a horse racing facility.)

So instead of relying on “feel good myths” and electioneering propaganda slogans, how about we look at a graph, and see for ourselves, just how good things are in this country.

And remember, Kevin Rudd and the ALP formed government in 2007 after kicking out the Howard government.

Australia is not Spain, we are not Greece, we do not have unemployment like the USA, .

So, what exactly has Wayne Swan done to our economy? He and the ALP have managed it beautifully.


8 Comments to “What has Wayne Swan done to our economy now?”

  1. How does black become white?

    The myth of Liberal “superior economic management” became embedded in the minds of the public through

    1) constant repetition by the lying Liberals themselves,

    2) reinforced through uncritical, even enthusiastic regular propagation by the Liberals’ media extensions.

    The Liberals are GREAT at Mantras that they get the electorate to learn off by heart, even when complete rubbish.

    All spin, no substance.

    • It is the same people who have convinced the brain-donors that inhale Murdoch media that a 0.1% price on polluters is worse than a 10% GST on every single purchase you make. But then, the idiot ALP let the Libs get away with calling it “tax” and never corrected that myth – they said “but what does it matter what it is called, what matters is the outcome” (to paraphrase Graham Perrett) – and these people are the best the ALP has got when it comes to selling their policies???

  2. The public are so unhappy with the hung parliament (I believe that an LNP hung parliament would be equally unpopular) resulted in the media backing the less unpopular LNP and driving a highly biased campaign to remove the ALP.

    Biased reporting means they won’t present the truth and facts (great article btw)

    Media is just following populism but on a political front this time.

  3. Why is this never told in the MSM- becuase it would disrupt the plans to dislodge this competent goverment.

  4. Great! Another stick in the NO Coalition’s wheel of fibbery!

    • and when the economy is going so well, the LNP taking a page from the Tea Party play book become obsessed with debt ceilings, something that is completely irrelevant in Aust compared to USA

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